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Musique de Óscar M. Leanizbarrutia

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Original score from the 2023 documentary feature film directed by Santos Blanco, produced and released by Bosco Films (Spain) and released by Fathom Events (USA).

THE STORY: A journey into the interior men through the lives of people who have given themselves completely to a cloistered life of prayer.

THE SCORE: “Santos Blanco, the director of the Libres, had a very concrete idea: the music had to carry the audience from the mystery – from the cold space between his own world and the monks’ world, to an emotional and deep experience of knowing them and listening to their testimonies. So the music is conceived along these lines. We have two principal themes: the main theme, presented in the main title and showcased step by step during the film – from a very short and simple sample to the huge exposition of it in the track ”Un Mundo Mejor (A Better World)”. Here, the main theme is developed during five minutes and heard in its complete expression. The other theme is the ”Pray Theme”, which accompanies every moment of reflection and spirituality. It’s a serene theme that invites the listener to silence. There are also other themes that describes differents moments in the documentary like ”El Mejor Jardinero (The Best Gardener)” for the nature, and ”Et Labora” (from St Benito sentence: ”ora et labora” – pray and work). All of the music is written for string octet, chamber choir and several electronic instruments. – Óscar Martín Leanizbarrutia

THE COMPOSER: Formed in music at an early age, Óscar M. Leanizbarrutia studied clarinet at the Conservatoire of Music of Palencia, his hometown. He got his composition degree after four years of studies at the Royal High Conservatoire of Music in Madrid. He completed his education studying Master in Film Scoring at the University Alfonso X el Sabio. He started working from 2013 for Stellarum Films, scoring and producing over 30 projects. In 2021, the International Film Music Critics Association nominated Óscar for the Film Music Composition of the Year award and singled him out as Breakthrough Composer of the Year for his score for Claret.

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