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Musique de Paula Olaz

MovieScore Media


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Original score from the 2023 drama comedy feature film directed by Daniela Fejerman and Elvira Lindo, starring Aura Garrido, Emma Suárez and Magüi Mira, produced by Tornasol and released by A Contracorriente Films (Spain).

THE STORY: Nora is a young actress with a promising future, the two pillars of her life: her grandmother Magüi and her mother Cecilia had great careers in entertainment. But Nora discovers that her mother keeps a secret that has marked her for life.

THE SCORE: “The music of Alguien que cuide de mí is a delicate score that accompanies us in discovering what was never told, it reflects an intimate world never shared before. In this soundtrack the piano plays a leading role, masterfully and delicately played by the great Iñaki Salvador. A music written for string orchestra and woodwinds, is sometimes a romantic music longing for past times with hurtful string sections. The central theme of the soundtrack belongs to Cecilia, a resolute and melancholic piece that captures the independent spirit of Cecilia while also speaking to the undercurrent of sadness of her story. Secondary themes include a colourful identity for Nora through a sweet flute melody revealing her innocence of childhood. Connected to the rawness of abandonment the score proposes orchestral pieces with long pizzicato sections and a distressing cello solo. In the search for a wonderful horizon full of light the score proposes delicate clarinet and bassoon melodies together with a colourful and vibrant orchestra. The voice of Nikki García in ‘Alma mía’ accompanies us on a solitary and open hearted journey in the search for a companion soul. A sometimes warm and throbbing score that looks inward and comforts restless spirits.” – Paula Olaz

THE COMPOSER: Paula Olaz was born in Pamplona in 1989 and grew up with a clear interest in music. At the age of 19 she moved to Amsterdam, her first European life experience that brought her to different countries such as France, Germany and Switzerland. She studied a Master’s in Scoring for Film, TV and Video games at Berklee College of Music, and has been working as a GA in the Valencia Berklee Campus Tech Lab. She currently lives in San Sebastián working as a composer and teacher. Her score for Nora (co-composed with Pascal Gaigne) and La Cima have been released by MovieScore Media.

1. Alma mía Nikki García 4:40

2. Alguien que cuide de mí 3:58

3. Hasta de lo malo se aprende 1:52

4. A través de los ojos de Nora Paula Olaz & Belén Vives 1:38

5. No pierdas el tiempo que yo he perdido pensando en la muerte 1:46

6. No pueden llamarlo amor 1:17

7. Cómo llegué aquí aquella noche 3:10

8. Estamos juntos en esto 2:12

9. Juntos somos invencibles 2:12

10. Entre bambalinas 3:03

11. El tiempo todo lo cura 2:07

12. Alguien que cuide de mí 1:42

13. Hoguera Xabi Olaz 3:58

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