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Musique de Alain Mayrand

MovieScore Media


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Original score from the animated feature film directed by Kirby Atkins and Jun Huang, featuring the voice talents of Rhys Darby, Lucy Lawless and John Rhys-Davies, distributed by Paramount Home Entertainment.

A species of creatures known as "thoriphants" rebel against their life of servitude and embark on a treacherous journey to find the fabled city of Uprights..

"Kirby Atkins, writer and director of Mosley, wanted a traditional orchestral score that was thematic and memorable. For this he provided the perfect cinematic canvas for the music to become part of the story. The main theme is for Mosley’s family, the reason for his quest. This family theme, when performed softly, is tender and heartfelt, but becomes sweeping and grand when taken by the full orchestra. Another important theme is for Kinesareth, the object of Mosley’s quest. This theme can be both mystical or filled with adventure. The score also includes Rue’s theme with its playful winds, Gailin’s gentle and magical theme, and the dark brassy dissonance of Warfield’s theme, the story’s main villain. A favourite part of the score is a motivic element that develops throughout the film to reach its final form at the very end: the fireflies. What ties it all together is the main tone of the score: grand, warm, a little bit magical and never too fast, just like the Thoriphans themselves. It was a true pleasure to be part of the storytelling for Mosley and to be given the chance to write for such endearing characters and beautifully told story." - Alain Mayrand

Alain Mayrand is a composer and orchestrator with a passion for the golden age craft of cinema. Besides Mosley, his composition credits include The Martini Shot starring Matthew Modine and John Cleese, Defining Moments starring Burt Reynolds and The Legend of Silkboy starring Jackie Chan - the latter title is also available from MovieScore Media. Alain has also worked as orchestrator and conductor on the blockbuster films Elysium, Enders Game as well as What Happened to Monday, Dead Snow II and the TV series Olympus.


1 Mosley 4:36

2 The Auction 2:12

3 For My Family 1:47

4 The Forest 1:59

5 Mosley Runs 2:29

6 Cave of the Uprights 3:44

7 Chase at the Falls 1:35

8 Catacombs 1:45

9 Meeting the Uprights 1:52

10 Two Great Families 2:18

11 Raining Trees and Flying on Fireflies 3:48

12 Journey to Kinesareth 3:19

13 Warfield 3:51

14 Reaching the Orchard 1:52

15 Rue and the Bucket 1:29

16 The Caravan 2:28

17 Rue and Turpin 3:42

18 Warfield at the Gates 6:02

19 Procession of Hands 2:25

20 Chase in the Orchard 2:57

21 Goodbyes 1:40

22 Run to the Tree and The Guardian 3:43

23 Mosley's Reward and Returning Home 7:30 

24 End Titles 1:47