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Music Composed by Éric Demarsan

Music Box Records - Limited Collector's Edition • Sold Out


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First time on CD. 120 minutes of music on 2-CD set.
8-page CD booklet with French and English statement by director Hervé Hadmar.
Including the opening credit song We Don't Die performed by Tricky for Les Témoins.

In collaboration with Cinétévé, Music Box Records is proud to present on a 2-CD set two original scores composed by Éric Demarsan for two TV series created by Hervé Hadmar and Marc Herpoux (Signature and Pigalle, la Nuit): Les Témoins (Witnesses) starring Thierry Lhermitte, Marie Dompnier, Laurent Lucas and Jan Hammenecker and Les Oubliées (Forgotten Girls) starring Jacques Gamblin.

Disc one is dedicated to the original soundtrack of Les Témoins (2014).
A model home. Unburied bodies found inside. Amongst the corpses, a picture of Paul Maisonneuve is discovered. Paul Maisonneuve: an ex-cop unlike any other, a Crime Squad “legend” in the north of France, who must now get back to work to solve the mystery. Who put the corpses in the model home? And why leave a photo of Paul Maisonneuve there? Paul Maisonneuve and Sandra Winckler, a young police detective, investigate. Two cops whose lives are about to change forever. An investigation during which they’ll have to explore a seaside town and its surroundings.
The truth lies somewhere in Paul Maisonneuve’s past. A past and an enigma embodied by Kaz Gorbier, Paul’s sworn enemy. Kaz Gorbier: a man he had already arrested a number of years before. A man who was supposed to have died a few months earlier in a prison fire. But a man who is very much alive and out to settle scores.
Strings, a piano, percussion and a hint of gamelan… The score composed by Éric Demarsan is mysterious and modern, revealing his ability to capture the universe of this contemporary thriller. The first CD includes the song We Don't Die by Tricky which is used for the main title sequence.

On Disc two, Music Box Records presents the expanded score of Les Oubliées (2007) the first collaboration between director Hervé Hadmar and composer Éric Demarsan.
A breathtaking thriller which cleverly plays with the genre's characteristics such as a cunning and methodical serial killer, a stubborn police detective and which keeps the audience on the edge of their seat from beginning to end. For six years now, Police Officer Janvier (Jacques Gamblin) has been obsessed by the unsolved disappearances of six girls. Janvier firmly believes that these six forgotten girls, whose bodies have never been found, were targeted by the same killer, even though the case has led to a dead end: no suspect, no trail... until a young woman vanishes in strangely similar circumstances. This time the murderer has left some clues. The moment Janvier has been waiting for so long has come at last: the faceless killer has finally come out of hiding and made his first mistake! The two men engage in merciless battle. But who will prevail?
Éric Demarsan wrote a wide and hypnotic music with some touch of lyricism. For its first CD release, the album includes 6 unreleased tracks.

This limited edition CD comes with an 8-page booklet featuring director Hervé Hadmar's statement.

1. We Don't Die (générique début) (3:10)
Performed by Tricky
2. Ouverture (1:42)
3. Corps et âmes (2:07)
4. Les peurs de Sandra (3:10)
5. À la poursuite d’une ombre (2:43)
6. À travers le brouillard (3:13)
7. Nouvelles obsessions (1:58)
8. Vie privée (2:07)
9. Un couple (4:11)
10. Une enquête, au lever du soleil (1:48)
11. La malédiction du ferry (3:45)
12. La princesse qui voulait sauver des gens (2:38)
13. L’attente (2:58)
14. K (4:20)
15. L comme Laura (1:35)
16. Les malheurs de Paul Maisonneuve (3:19)
17. Réconciliation (2:08)
18. Le destin d’une femme (2:36)
19. Une vérité (1:54)
20. Blockhaus (4:53)
21. Dans les bras de Sandra (2:51)
22. Dans la foule (2:05)
23. Fermeture (2:59)

Total Time • 65:04
1. Les Oubliées (générique début) (1:07)
2. Horloge interne (1:37)
3. Janvier en hiver (2:27)
4. La Belle sarrasine (2:49)
5. La forêt blanche (2:27)
6. Un homme solitaire (2:36)
7. Repos forcé (1:56)
8. À travers la vitre (3:32)
9. Escapade nocturne (2:16)
10. Le vent, au-dessus de plaines* (2:16)
11. Une enquête (1:37)
12. Les vertiges d’un homme* (1:53)
13. Troubles (2:46)
14. Errance (3:04)
15. Soupçons (2:17)
16. Inédit (2:28)
17. Au revoir Lisa* (3:14)
18. Cœur de Janvier (3:00)
19. Obstination (2:16)
20. Incertitudes (2:35)
21. La Belle sarrasine (version piano) (2:49)
22. Les yeux d’une femme* (2:26)
23. Un éclair de lumière* (4:43)
24. Courir plus vite* (2:03)
25. Obsessions (2:49)
26. Les Oubliées (générique fin) (1:02)

* Previously unreleased

Total Time • 65:07
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