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Music Composed by Éric Demarsan

Music Box Records - Limited Edition of 300 units • Sold Out

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Newly remastered edition.
Over 60 minutes of music.
8-page CD booklet with French and English liner notes by Florent Groult.

Music Box Records proudly presents the remastered CD release of Eric Demarsan’s original music from the French TV series La Légende des Sciences (1996) directed by Robert Pansard-Besson (Tours du monde, tours du ciel).

Six years after the wide public and critical acclaim of Tours du monde, tours du ciel, La Légende des sciences, is a TV mini-series documentary whose various themes are above all meant to make science really interesting and to incite viewers to dream and learn intelligently. The name of Éric Demarsan was suggested to Pansard-Besson by the producer Dominique Vignet, who was a great admirer of Demarsan’s music for Jean-Pierre Melville’s film The Red Circle. The music stretches into long and broad melodic segments that flow majestically over magnificent images, transforming from time to time into a kind of slow waltz, and coloured here and there by charming little impressionist touches.

Remastered by Christophe Hénault, this present edition offers the same content as the album released when the series was broadcasted in the summer of 1997: the enchanting “suite symphonique en forme de couleurs” (“symphonic suite in the shape of colours”) with the original orchestrations written by Éric Demarsan, and the strings-only versions requested by the director. The package features an 8-page illustrated booklet featuring exclusive liner notes by Florent Groult that includes a new interview with the composer about his score. The release is limited to 300 units.

1. Rouge & Or (3:34)
2. Lavis 2 (0:20)
3. Terre de Sienne (4:53)
4. Aquarelle (0:27)
5. Terre d'Ombre (6:07)
6. Encres (0:21)
7. Bleu-Gris (4:55)
8. Pastel (0:24)
9. Indigo (4:26)
10. Gouache (0:20)
11. Émeraude (2:41)
12. Sanguine (0:21)
13. Jade (3:29)
14. Estampe (0:40)
15. Rouge & Or (version courte) (1:47)
16. Lavis 3 (0:21)
17. Terre de Sienne (version cordes) (5:02)
18. Terre d'Ombre (version cordes) (5:44)
19. Bleu-Gris (version cordes) (5:08)
20. Indigo (version cordes) (3:51)
21. Émeraude (version cordes) (2:43)
22. Lavis (0:21)
23. Rouge & Or (version cordes) (2:59)

Total Time • 61:50

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