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Music Composed by Fernando Velázquez

Quartet Records - Limited Edition of 300 units

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Quartet Records, in collaboration with A Contracorriente Films, presents the new score by Fernando Velázquez (THE IMPOSSIBLE, THE ORPHANAGE, EL PODEROSO VICTORIA, LA TERNURA) for the Lone Scherfig film LA CONTADORA DE PELÍCULAS (aka THE MOVIE TELLER), starring Bérénice Bejo, Antonio de la Torre, Daniel Brühl and Sara Becker. The plot is about María Margarita, the youngest of four siblings in a family living in a mining town in the Atacama Desert (Chile). The most special time of the week for this family is Sunday, when they all go to the movies to enjoy stories that allow them to escape from their daily lives by transporting them to other worlds. The girl’s parents soon realize that the little girl has a very special gift: an almost uncanny ability to “tell” movies. The girl’s extraordinary talent will spread throughout the village, changing the fortunes of her family as the country is forever transformed.

Fernando Velázquez provides an intense, dramatic and highly vigorous score with thick orchestral colors, beautifully orchestrated, that features a haunting main theme. The Extremadura Symphony Orchestra sensitively performs the music under the composer’s baton. The music was recorded and mixed by Marc Blanes, and the CD mastered by Chris Malone.

Atacama 1966 (1:22)

La aldea (2:01)

Medardo (2:02)

Domingos (1:59)

Tardes con Medardo (0:57)

Recuerdos (1:07)

Hauser / Los niños (2:59)

Encuentro en la Unión (2:22)

Magnolia y Hauser (0:40)

Margarita y Magnolia (0:55)

La contadora de películas (2:18)

¿Dónde se fue mi madre? (3:05)

Los hermanos (0:51)

Llegaron los setenta (1:50)

Amando a Mauricio (0:38)

Besando a Mauricio (0:36)

La casa de empeños (0:34)

La película equivocada (1:54)

Medardo y la bailarina (2:09)

El cementerio (0:31)

Viaje esperanzador (3:00)

El secreto de Magnolia (1:25)

Llegó la televisión (2:39)

Mariano confiesa (1:56)

Mauricio o Hauser (1:31)

11 de septiembre, 1973 (4:15)

Tú y yo nos fuimos hace mucho tiempo (3:23)

De vuelta al cine (1:16)

Margarita y Magnolia (#2) (1:47)

La contadora de películas (#2) (2:27)

Mauricio (2:32)

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