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Music Composed by Pascal Gaigne

Quartet Records - Limited Edition of 300 units

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Quartet Records, in collaboration with Filmax, presents the new score by French maestro Pascal Gaigne (HANDIA, LA TRINCHERA INFINITA, EL OLIVO, REMEMBER ME) for the horror and witchcraft film LA ERMITA, directed by Carlota Pereda (CERDITA) and starring Belén Rueda (THE ORPHANAGE). The film is about Emma, who in her journey to learn how to communicate with the spirit of a girl who has been trapped in a hermitage for centuries, tries to persuade Carol, a skeptical medium, to help her.

Pascal Gaigne’s score features dark and Impressionistic colors, with delicate orchestration and electronic textures. Different timbres act as the inner voices of the characters—especially strings, piano and primitive percussion.

This album represents, once again, the powerful and unique voice of Pascal Gaigne within the contemporary European film music community.

La peste negra (3:35)

Emma (1:42)

Tu madre ha muerto (1:09)

Emma (2) (1:03)

El libro mágico (2:01)

Emma (3) (1:36)

Siempre estaré (1:11)

Señora Peralta (1:59)

La ermita (1:58)

Yvana Peralta (3:17)

Karol (0:3)

Siempre estaré (2) (0:55)

Sole (2:23)

Intuiciones (2:32)

Emma (4) (1:07)

Sonidos lejanos (3:32)

La ermita (2) (1:41)

Viaje a ninguna parte (2:57)

Hacia el más allá (2:34)

La leyenda (12:58)

Almas perdidas (3:28)

El juego (Bonus track) (1:21)

La peste negra (Demo) (3:36)

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