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Music Composed by Fernando Velázquez

Quartet Records - Limited Edition of 500 units

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Quartet Records presents a new score composed by Fernando Velázquez (CRIMSON PEAK, A MONSTER CALLS, SAVAGE GRACE, PATRIA) for a Spanish classical romantic-period comedy directed by Vicente Villanueva and based on the acclaimed play by Alfredo Sanzol. LA TERNURA tells the story of a queen (who is something of a sorceress) and her two daughter princesses who travel in the Fleet of the Indies to fulfill marriages arranged by the king.

Fernando Velázquez provides a large, symphonic, varied, tuneful and emotional score—full of leitmotifs and wondrous melodic themes, performed by the Galicia Symphony Orchestra under the baton of the composer. Recorded by Marc Blanes and mastered by Chris Malone.

La isla desierta (7:11)

No estamos solas (2:34)

Día triste y aciago (2:17)

Demos gracias (1:10)

Nunca he visto a una mujer (3:20)

La ballesta (1:24)

Extraña simpatía (1:14)

Pasadme la bota (1:48)

He soñado con el alférez (2:47)

La flor de San Antonio (4:34)

El volcán (2:58)

Me rindo naturaleza (2:42)

Querido leñador Azulcielo (2:28)

La lombriz negra (1:21)

El plan (6:39)

Soy real (2:53)

Recuerdos agradables (1:18)

Traidora (1:06)

Mi hermana melliza (3:16)

Son mujeres (1:55)

Perra mentirosa (1:36)

El humo de mi cigarro (1:37)

Enajenados (4:19)

La erupción (2:59)

Mi plan ha fracasado (3:18)

Vals de “La ternura” (2:10)

Total Disc Time: 71:24

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