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Music Composed by Fernando Velázquez

Quartet Records - Limited Edition 

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Quartet Records is proud to present a brand new recording of one of the very first scores by Fernando Velázquez, composed right after THE ORPHANAGE in 2007.

SAVAGE GRACE was a bizarre film directed by Tom Kallin and starring Academy Award winners Julianne Moore and Eddie Redmaine, and it tells the true story of the beautiful and charismatic but mentally unstable Barbara Daly, who married above her class to Brooks Baekeland, heir to the Bakelite plastics fortune. Their only child is a failure in his father’s eyes, and as he matures and becomes increasingly close to his alienated mother, the seeds for tragedy are sown.

In spite of being one of the composer’s favorite scores, from one of his most creative periods, the album was never released in part due to an unfortunate and problematic recording, which had to be produced quickly for budget reasons. Velázquez was never happy with the result, so that’s why we have decided to record it again—respecting the original orchestrations—this time with the Basque National Orchestra under the baton of the composer. The music is intensely romantic and bittersweet, with echoes of Impressionism and jazz.

Recorded by Marc Blanes and mastered by Chris Malone, the package includes an in-depth essay by film music writer Daniel Schweiger, including exclusive interviews with Tom Kallin and Fernando Velázquez.

1. Walking In Paris I (0:29)

2. The Baekelands (2:35)

3. Laura and Sam (1:46)

4. Gloomy Tony (3:01)

5. Airport I (1:49)

6. Dinner (0:40)

7. Happy Boy In Paris (0:57)

8. Sam Arrives (2:33)

9. Restaurant Source (2:31)

10. After Dinner (1:22)

11. Airport II (0:40)

12. Walking In Paris II (0:32)

13. Brooks’ Hotel (2:39)

14. Tony at the Museum (1:03)

15. Walking In Paris III (0:27)

16. Airport III (1:21)

17. Backwards Writing (0:48)

18. Tony and Sam (1:45)

19. London I (1:02)

20. London II (2:28)

21. There Will Be a Mass (2:19)

Also includes the music for the theater show THE SERVANT: 

22. Suite from “The Servant” (13:29)

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