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Music Composed by Fernando Velázquez

Quartet Records - Limited Edition of 500 units

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Quartet Records and HBO present the newest score by Fernando Velázquez (THE IMPOSSIBLE, A MONSTER CALLS, CRIMSON PEAK) for the TV series created by Aitor Gabilondo and based on the bestseller of Fernando Aramburu. Set in Spanish Basque Country and taking place over thirty years during the separatist terrorism of ETA, PATRIA tells a story through the eyes of two families divided by the violent conflict.

Composing the deeply moving score for this TV series was a challenge for the composer. His music provides a dignified voice for the victims, colored by a sort of Impressionistic darkness, with delicate orchestration, electronic textures, and a flowing leitmotif that unfolds slowly throughout the entire score. The Basque National Orchestra performs under the baton of the composer, and the music was recorded and mixed by Marc Blanes.

Patria (3:07)
Bittori (1:51)
Ximiri (3:11)
Gorka (1:31)
Mugak (3:33)
Geráneo (3:09)
Arantza (2:21)
Vuelta al pueblo (3:50)
Kontuz (1:27)
Ekintza (1:06)
Xabier (5:40)
Joxe Mari (1:20)
Plomo (4:40)
Hilerri (2:31)
Txato, Txibato (3:13)
Joxian (1:47)
Iparralde (4:08)
Talde (3:04)
Miren (1:06)
Parálisis (2:02)
Cobarde (2:13)
Lluvia (1:24)
Esos (1:38)
Nerea (3:08)
Miren y Bittori (2:16)
Cabecera (0:46)

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