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Music Composed, Orchestrated and Conducted by Philippe Rombi

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8-page CD booklet including statements from director Christian Carion and composer Philippe Rombi.

In collaboration with Une Hirondelle Productions and Pathé Films, Music Box Records presents the new score composed by acclaimed composer Philippe Rombi (Swimming Pool, Black Box). Une belle course (Driving Madeleine, 2022), directed by Christian Carion (Merry Christmas, My Son), stars Line Renaud and Dany Boon. 

Madeleine (Line Renaud), 92 years old, calls a taxi to take her to the retirement home where she will be living. Charles (Dany Boon), a disillusioned driver with a tender heart, agrees to drive by the places that affected Madeleine’s life. Through the streets of Paris, her extraordinary past is revealed. They don’t know it yet, but they will forge a friendship during this drive that will change their lives forever. 

Une belle course is the third collaboration between director Christian Carion and composer Philippe Rombi after The Girl from Paris and Merry Christmas. For this drama, Philippe Rombi composed a poignant orchestral score with electronic textures, both delicate (with a main theme played on a trumpet) and disturbing (with dark strings bringing the flavor of Bernard Herrmann to his score), to evoke the memories of Madeleine's life.

Une belle course is released in French theaters in September 21, 2022.

1. Un Nouveau Jour (5:12)
2. Le Départ de Madeleine (1:16)
3. La Lettre de Matt (1:25)
4. This Bitter Earth (2:28) - Performed by Dinah Washington
5. Dans les Rues de Paris (1:00)
6. Ray (3:06)
7. La Gifle (1:14)
8. Vengeance (4:48)
9. Le Jugement (2:56)
10. Sortie de Prison (1:24)
11. Le Destin de Mathieu (2:36)
12. Une Dernière Ballade (1:24)
13. Seul (1:55)
14. Partir (5:09)
15. At Last (3:02) - Performed by Etta James
16. Une Belle Course (1:26)
17. Vengeance (version film) (4:35)

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