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Music Composed and Orchestrated by Olivier Cussac

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In collaboration with TAT Productions, Music Box Records is pleased to present on CD the original motion picture soundtrack of the feature-length animation Pil (Young Thief Pil, 2021) composed and orchestrated by Olivier Cussac, and performed by the Orchestre National d’Île-de-France.

Pil, directed by Julien Fournet, tells the story of a young orphan who lives along with her three tamed weasels, on the streets of Roc-en-Brume, a medieval city. She survives thanks to the food she steals from the castle of sinister regent Tristain, usurper of the throne. One day, chased by some guards, Pil disguises herself as a princess to avoid them and is unwillingly onboard for a crazy and delirious adventure, together with Crobar, a big clumsy guard who thinks Pil is a noble girl, and Rigolin, a young loony jester. Pil will have to save Roland, heir to the throne and victim of a spell. This adventure will upset the whole kingdom and will teach Pil that nobility can be found in each one of us.

After The Jungle Bunch and Terra Willy, Unexplored Planet (also released by Music Box Records), Olivier Cussac provides an exciting and classic fully orchestral adventure score.

Pil is released in French theaters on August 11, 2021. The album is available on CD and digital version.

1. Pil, les fouines et Crobar (4:33)
2. Rigolin, le donjon (4:03)
3. Seigneur Tristain (3:16)
4. Le chapoul (3:12)
5. Le banquet (3:26)
6. Princesse Pil (1:36)
7. Au bois maudit (4:42)
8. La Licorne (5:09)
9. L'amitié ? (3:42)
10. Dans le cœur (3:18)
11. Contre-attaque (2:48)
12. La potion, le dragon (3:49)
13. C'est dans le cœur que trône la noblesse (4:28)
14. L'adoubement (2:51)
15. Le trésor de Roc-en-Brume (3:17)
16. Épilogue (1:26)

17. Coucarel, gare à toi (2:01)
18. Les ménestrels (2:15)

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