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Music Composed by Claude Bolling

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A 2-CD set.
Newly remastered and expanded edition.
12-page CD booklet with French and English liner notes by Sylvain Pfeffer.

In collaboration with EMI Music Publishing, Music Box Records proudly presents the remastered and expanded 35th anniversary edition of Claude Bolling’s original motion picture score to the 1984 historical drama Louisiane (Louisiana), starring Margot Kidder, Jan Charleson, Victor Lanoux and Andréa Ferréol, and directed by Philippe de Broca (Le Magnifique, The African).

This franco-americano-canadian historical big budget film in English, shot simultaneously for cinema (a three-hour long version) and TV (a six-hour long version) is an adaptation of Maurice Denuzière’s novel.  Louisiane tells the story of Virginia Tregan's ruthless devotion to her first husband's Louisiana cotton plantation called Bagatelle and her love for the plantation's overseer, an Englishman named Clarence Dandridge.

Passionate about 19th Century America, Claude Bolling saw the project as an opportunity to recreate the typical musical atmosphere of the Southern United States (Louisiana and New-Orleans) in this time period and to explore his love for jazz. He composed a great romantic theme based on a slow waltz performed by the American jazz singer Dee Dee Bridgewater. The film gave him the opportunity to write a new concerto, played on the pianoforte by Blandine Verlet, which accompanies every step of the heroine in a very Mozart-like style as she climbs up the social ladder. The score is also filled with some romantic music, the sound of European quadrilles and waltzes and a handful of dramatic scoring which was left off from the previous editions.

The definitive 2-CD edition features the complete film score (including alternate versions and previously unreleased cues) as the composer had intended it to be used in the TV version of the feature film. The package includes a 12-page booklet with liner notes by Sylvain Pfeffer, discussing the film and the score.

1. Louisiana Waltz (5:07)
Performed by Dee Dee Bridgewater
2. Dixieland (3:12)
3. Freedom (2:46)
Performed by the Baton Rouge Community Chorus
4. Quadrille (2:19)
5. Virginie de Vigors (2:53)
6. Polka louisianaise (2:19)
7. Bal du coton (3:09)
Virginie concerto (piano-forte : Blandine Verlet)
8. Part 1 (Ingénue) (2:59)
9. Part 2 (Romantique et grave) (3:13)
10. Part 3 (Maîtresse de Bagatelle) (2:42)
11. Incendie (3:53)
12. Down in Louisiana (2:15)
13. High Life Waltz (2:24)
14. Vocalises (Opéra Comique) (2:39)
15. Old New Orleans (4:48)
16. Restaurant Nouvelle-Orléans (piano solo) (3:05)
17. Cotton Balls (2:39)
Performed by the Baton Rouge Community Chorus
18. Révolutionnaire (2:55)
19. Virginie et Dandrige (2:57)
20. Louisiane (Bagatelle) (6:17)
21. Dixieland (Glorieux) (1:21)
22. Menaçante (2:38)
23. Concerto (Part 2) (1:06)
24. Brent (Chasse à l'homme) (3:11)

Time • 73:39

1. Louisiane (2:47)
2. Dixieland (Harmonica) (1:54)
3. Yankee Doodle (0:47)
4. Folk Waltz (2:16)
5. Society Waltz (2:11)
6. Dixieland (Suspense) (1:33)
7. Émancipation de Brent (1:18)
8. Virginie parisienne (2:34)
9. Valse du désir (1:27)
10. Down in Louisiana (Chorus) (1:44)
11. Louisiana (Piano et Orchestre) (3:38)
12. Tragique (3:09)
13. Concerto funèbre (0:58)
14. Drama (3:27)
15. Dixieland (Final) (1:45)
16. Louisiana Waltz (version courte) (3:55)
Performed by Dee Dee Bridgewater
17. Louisiana (Générique début) (2:20)
18. Nouvelle-Orléans 1830 (#1) (5:19)
19. Louisiana Waltz (Générique fin) (5:05)
20. Old New Orleans (Piano solo) (4:49)
Virginie concerto (Piano solo) (piano-forte : Blandine Verlet)
21. Part 1 (Ingénue)  (3:12)
22. Part 2 (Romantique et grave) (3:40)
23. Part 3 (Maîtresse de Bagatelle) (2:51)
24. Louisiana (Générique fin) (3:12)
25. Nouvelle-Orléans 1830 (#2) (5:04)
26. Valse de Bagatelle (3:54)
Performed by Sylvie Valayre

Time • 75:50

Total Time • 149:29

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