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Music Composed by Ennio Morricone


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This release includes the original soundtrack of the movie Forza G (aka Winged Devils),
directed in 1972 by Duccio Tessari and starring Riccardo Salvino, Pino Colizzi,
Barbara Bouchet. For this cd re-issue the original master tapes in stereo were revisited,
giving us the chance to restore the sound and discover some previously unreleased
material. In this soundtrack Ennio Morricone perfectly describes the professional and
private life of the main characters. The score is magnificently conducted by Bruno
Nicolai and features the virtuous performance of “I Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni”
choir. The Love theme is reprised in many different ways: funny, grotesque, romantic
and also with a whistled happy march. Lounge music is not missing: the score includes
jazzy and psychedelic passages and a lovely slow classic beat piece for the party scene.

1. SOSPESI FRA LE NUVOLE (Titoli - singolo lato A)
2. COME UN MIRACOLO (singolo lato B)
3. FORZA G (Per gioco - Presentazione della pattuglia)
4. FORZA G (Come un western)
5. SOSPESI FRA LE NUVOLE (Ripresa prima)
6. FORZA G (Le frecce tricolori
7. FORZA G (Psichedelico jazzistico)
8. FORZA G (La festa)
9. SOSPESI FRA LE NUVOLE (Ripresa seconda)
10. FORZA G (L’aliante)
11. FORZA G (Burlesco)
12. SOSPESI FRA LE NUVOLE (Ripresa terza)*
13. FORZA G (Quella donna)
14. FORZA G (Prova d’acrobazia)*
15. FORZA G (Un pilota e il suo aereo)
16. SOSPESI FRA LE NUVOLE (Ripresa quarta)

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