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Music Composed, Conducted and Orchestrated by Ennio Morricone

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World Premiere CD release.
31 minutes of music never-before released.
8-page CD booklet with liner notes by Daniel Schweiger.

Music Box Records is pleased to present the world premiere release of acclaimed composer Ennio Morricone's (La Cage aux folles, Un genio, due compari, un pollo, Lolita) original score to the 1981 comedy So Fine, starring Ryan O'Neal, Jack Warden, Mariangela Melato and Richard Kiel. Blazing Saddles and The In-Laws writer Andrew Bergman made his directorial debut for fashion magnate turned movie producer Mike Lobell (Honeymoon in Vegas), very loosely drawing on their own lives for a bedroom farce cum bottomless jeans advertising satire.

O'Neal plays Bobby Fine, an erudite English professor whose pursuit of tenure at a prestigious college is interrupted by his on-the-make dad Jack (Warden), whose Fine Fashions is in hock to the fearsomely tall gangster Mr. Eddie (Kiel). While the mobster knows he can force Bobby to use his business acumen save Fine Fashion, but he hasn't reckoned that the mild-mannered educator will become catnip for his wanton Italian wife Lira (Melato), a frustrated opera singer whose dangerously torrid affair inadvertantly starts a new fashion craze.

With classic Italian romps as So Fine's inspiration, Lobell brought in his Windows composer Ennio Morricone to score his thus far only Hollywood comedy. The result is a complete delight where the composer's enthusiasm for a singing sexpot and the see-through subject matter inspires a score in the rhythmic key of Rossini, an energetic operatic style that drives So Fine's merry chases. The always lurking Mr. Eddie brings out a skulking brass theme, the 80's NYC setting disco energy, and Bobby's pride in Fine Fashions sly nobility and a salute to the famed "Union Label" march. But as wonderfully funny as Morricone's music is, the composer also endows Lira with one of his most beautifully lush romantic themes.

The soundtrack debut of So Fine is presented in stereo from pristine-condition from multi-track session tapes, featuring exclusive liner notes by writer Daniel Schweiger and new comments by director Andrew Bergman and producer Mike Lobell on their collaboration with composer Ennio Morricone.


1. First Overture (1:18)
2. Lira Seduction (1:07)
3. Introducing Eddie (1:00)
4. City Chase (1:09)
5. Union Label (1:28)
6. Dean's Reception (0:26)
7. Eddie's Theme (Disco) (2:22)
8. Lira's Theme (0:39)
9. Clumsy and Sentimental (Short Version) (1:14)
10. Union Label (#2) (1:34)
11. Vickie and Sylvia (1:17)
12. Eddie's Theme (Lullaby) (1:26)
13. Second Overture (1:44)
14. Lira and the Seduction (2:27)
15. Eddie's Theme (0:52)
16. Union Label (#3) (1:28)
17. City Chase (#2) (0:48)
18. Eddie's Theme (Up the Stairs) (0:29)
19. Clumsy and Sentimental (2:23)
20. Sentimental Discussion (1:03)
21. Union Label (#4) (0:44)
22. Eddie's Theme (Eddie in Custody) (0:58)
23. Italian Theme (2:14)

Total Time • 31:05

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