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Music Composed and Conducted by John Du Prez

Music Box Records - Limited Edition of 1000 units • Sold Out

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Newly remastered, expanded and remixed edition.
Over 30 minutes of music never-before released.
20-page CD booklet with liner notes by Daniel Schweiger.

In collaboration with MGM, Music Box Records proudly presents the remastered and expanded CD release of John Du Prez’s (The Meaning of Life, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) original motion picture score to the iconic 1988 comedy A Fish Called Wanda, starring John Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Kline and Michael Palin, and directed by Charles Crichton.

The hugely successful American-British heist comedy film A Fish Called Wanda, co-written by former Python John Cleese and the veteran Ealing Comedy director Charles Crichton (The Lavender Hill Mob), was nominated for three Academy Awards including Best Director and Best Original Screenplay, winning Best Supporting Actor for Kevin Kline. Cleese and Palin won BAFTA Awards for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor for their performances.

With the participation of composer John Du Prez, Music Box Records presents for the first time the complete score to A Fish Called Wanda, newly re-mixed and carefully remastered from multi-track session tapes.

The soundtrack was issued on LP and CD in 1988, it included 42 minutes of music organized into 21 tracks. The current release adds about 31 minutes of brand new material organized into 47 tracks. This Music Box release also features several previously unreleased tracks (alternates, unused cues and demos) and two unused versions of Wanda’s love song, one performed by Rick Driscoll and the other written and performed by John Cleese.

The package includes an 20-page illustrated booklet featuring exclusive liner notes by writer Daniel Schweiger and new comments by John Du Prez, producer Steve Abbot and Michael Palin on their collaboration with John Cleese and Charles Crichton. This brand new album presentation celebrates the 30th anniversary of the classic comedy in 2018. Limited Edition of 1000 units.


The Film Score:
1. Front Titles (2:43)
2. Hatton Garden Robbery (2:26)
3. George Returns (0:28)
4. George Arrested (1:20)
5. Archie's Briefcase (0:21)
6. Treasure (0:51)
7. Archie's Chambers (0:40)
8. Wanda Leaves / Sword Practice (1:04)
9. Humping Montage (2:08)
10. The Note (0:25)
11. Mrs Cody's Knickers (0:51)
12. Wanda Visits Archie (2:17)
13. Dog Attack I (0:24)
14. Choir Boys Requiem I (0:25)
15. Wanda Meets Archie at Apartment I (1:15)
16. Dog Attack II (0:45)
17. Choir Boys Requiem II (0:25)
18. Archie's Burglary (1:12)
19. Wanda Meets Archie at Apartment II (1:41)
20. Archie's Sadness (0:41)
21. Otto's Apology (0:35)
22. Dog Attack III (0:55)
23. Ken's Sadness (0:46)
24. Chase from the Courthouse (1:36)
25. Heathrow Airport (2:29)
26. Humiliation (1:00)
27. Limey Cement (0:21)
28. Buongiorno Signorina (1:15)
29. End Titles (3:22)
30. A Fish Called Wanda Suite (15:06)

The Out Takes:
31. Front Titles (Early Stage) (2:43)
32. This is Otto (0:30)
33. Empty Safe (0:48)
34. Archie's Briefcase / Otto is Suspicious (0:39)
35. Something Funny Going On (0:12)
36. Identity Parade (0:29)
37. Sword Practice (Early Version) (0:53)
38. The Note (with Drums) (0:25)
39. Wanda Visits Archie (with Piano) (2:17)
40. Otto Blunders in (0:31)
41. Otto at the Window (0:47)
42. Otto Goes to Apologise (0:38)
43. Chase from the Courthouse (Unplugged) (1:35)

The Demos:
44. Otto Theme (1:20)
45. Love Theme (3:16)
46. Love Theme Song (3:01)
performed by Rick Driscoll
47. Love Theme Song (1:26)
performed by John Cleese

Total Time • 73:19

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