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Music Composed, Orchestrated and Conducted by Philippe Rombi

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World Premiere CD Release. 47 minutes of music.
8-page CD booklet including Christophe Barratier's statement.

Music Box Records and Galatée Films present the new score composed by acclaimed composer Philippe Rombi (Merry Christmas, In the House, Asterix and Obelix: Mansion of the Gods). The film L'Outsider (The Outsider, 2016), in theaters nationwide June 22, 2016, is directed by Christophe Barratier (The Chorus, War of the Buttons) and stars Arthur Dupont, François-Xavier Demaison and Sabrina Ouazani.

This film tells the true story of Jérôme Kerviel, a young trader who is the alleged responsible for the first and most extravagant in a series of scandals that shaked the financial markets worldwide: he lost billions of dollars for France's Société Générale bank in 2008.

Philippe Rombi has composed a very sophisticated melodic and exhilarating orchestral/electronic score to propel this exciting dramatic thriller.


1. Ouverture (3:25)
2. Les Tours (1:18)
3. Le Premier Jour (1:51)
4. Le Temps Passe (1:12)
5. Nuit sur le Desk (0:57)
6. Sofia (1:08)
7. Premier Spiel (1:46)
8. Buy! Buy! (1:30)
9. Évocation 11/09 (1:16)
10. Mort du Père (3:07)
11. Rapprochement (0:59)
12. L'Engrenage (1:49)
13. Le Pardon (2:03)
14. Lâcher la Terre (1:47)
15. Crise en Haut Lieu (2:34)
16. Le Tout pour le Tout (5:47)
17. Dernier Week-end (2:53)
18. Révélations (1:36)
19. C’est Fini (1:12)
20. Final et Générique fin (6:45)

21. Tu Che Mi Fai Piangere (1:22) Arranged for Men Chorus by Philippe Rombi

Total Time • 47:07

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