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Music Composed, Orchestrated and Conducted by Philippe ROMBI

Music Box Records - Limited Edition • Sold Out

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For the first time on CD. Remastered edition. 
34 minutes of music, including the song The Greatest by Cat Power.
8-page CD booklet with French and English liner notes by Florent Groult.

Adapted from British writer Rose Tremain's short story Moth, Ricky (2008) is directed by acclaimed French filmmaker François Ozon (Swimming Pool, Angel) and stars Alexandra Lamy, Sergi Lopez, Mélusine Mayance, Arthur Peyret and André Wilms.

When Katie, an ordinary woman meets Paco, an ordinary man, something magical and miraculous happens: they fall in love. Out of their love comes an extraordinary baby: Ricky.

For this fantastical family drama, Ozon’s regular collaborator Philippe Rombi composed a gorgeous and thematic score filled with expressive piano solos, and tender string writing. The main theme is based on a delicate waltz and is slightly melancholic with utterly beautiful piano melody. Rombi develops his theme with melodic variations: played with glockenspiel, lush cello, disquieting woodwinds, rolling harps and syncopated piano. As usual, Rombi’s writing is so lyrical, so romantic, so elegant, and Ricky is no exception.

Music Box Records is very proud to present for the first time on CD the entire album (currently only available in digital format). This present edition also features the song The Greatest, performed by Cat Power, which is used in the final scene and the trailer. This limited edition CD comes with an 8-page booklet featuring liner notes by Florent Groult who discusses the film and the score. 


1. Ricky (thème) (3:46)
2. Pré-générique (0:44)
3. Générique début (1:10)
4. Naissance (1:07)
5. Les premiers jours (1:22)
6. Premiers signes (2:48)
7. Nuit sur le lac (1:28)
8. Lisa (1:15)
9. Évolution (1:14)
10. Conséquences (3:07)
11. L'hôpital (1:01)
12. Seule (1:41)
13. Le retour de Paco (1:21)
14. L'envol (2:06)
15. La révélation (2:03)
16. Générique de fin (3:47)
17. The Greatest (3:22)
Performed by Cat Power

Total Time • 34:07

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