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Music Composed and Conducted by Armando Trovajoli

Music Box Records - Limited Collector's Edition • Sold Out

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World Premiere CD Release.
Remastered edition supervised by Claudio Fuiano, including one previously unreleased track.
8-page CD booklet with French and English liner notes by Nicolas Magenham.

In collaboration with EMI Music Publishing, Music Box Records is pleased to present in complete edition and for the first time on CD, the original motion picture soundtrack of Alain Jessua's Frankenstein 90 (1984) composed and conducted by Armando Trovajoli (Profumo di donna, Tais-toi quand tu parles).

Alain Jessua chose the parodic mode for his own version of the Frankenstein myth, starring Jean Rochefort as Victor Frankenstein, and Eddy Mitchell as the creature (called Frank). This time the doctor is a cyberneticist who creates a monster from various human body parts, but gives him an electronic brain.

Armando Trovajoli’s score, both light and sinister, takes inspiration from the past, either in a deliberately old-fashioned and parodic way, or through a respectful tribute to the greatest moments of romantic music. The Italian composer’s work also displays some modern elements such as the recurring use of soprano saxophone, sometimes coupled with a rhythm akin to that of disco.

Supervised and mastered by Claudio Fuiano, this present edition features the same content as the original LP issued by General Music France and includes one previously unreleased track. The CD comes with an 8-page booklet with liner notes by Nicolas Magenham, discussing the film and the score.


1. La dernière valse (02:37)
2. Frankenstein 90 (02:04)
3. Découverte de la nature (02:47)
4. Frankenstein 1930 (00:56)
5. À la recherche de Frankenstein (02:06)
6. Strip-tease (02:46)
7. La chambre d'Adélaïde (02:02)
8. Le château de Frankenstein (02:39)
9. Poursuite dans la forêt (01:22)
10. Poursuite dans la forêt (2e version) (01:40)
11. L'évasion de Frank (01:28)
12. Fuite de Frank et Élisabeth (03:21)
13. Frankenstein 90 (reprise)* (01:25)
14. Frankenstein 90 (2e version) (03:03)

* previously unreleased

Total Time • 30:50

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