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Music Composed by Serge FRANKLIN

Music Box Records - Limited Collector’s Edition • Sold Out

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Performed by Multisinfonietta Orchestra & Budapest Studio Choir
Conducted by Bernard Gérard

Expanded remastered edition. More than 55 minutes of music, including 5 previously unreleased tracks.
8-page CD booklet with French and English liner notes by Gérard Dastugue.

In collaboration with Universal Publishing Production Music, Music Box Records presents on CD the expanded score from the original television mini-series Philippe Lemonnier's A Tale of Two Cities composed by Serge Franklin in 1989. Franklin and Lemonnier had met in 1984 on the smash success peasant saga Des grives aux loups, and together forged a pathway through the ample and generous stories from the French TV series Bonne espérance, Jalna and L’Enfant des loups.

Adapted from the 1859 historical novel by Charles Dickens, this tale, set in London and Paris, depicts the tumultuous love two men share for the same woman between 1775 and 1793, during the turbulent times of the French Revolution in 1789. This two-part television drama is based on an essentially British cast (John Mills, James Wilby and Serena Gordon, both appearing also in James Ivory’s Maurice) with the exception of a number of well-known French actors (Jean-Pierre Aumont and Xavier Deluc).

This epic score is based on three main themes with its strong melodies, and simple yet powerful orchestration: the sweeping main theme with full orchestral and choir, the lyrical and ethereal theme of liberty and the majestic anthem-like theme.

This expanded edition, fully remastered from the original recording sessions, features 5 previously unreleased tracks and includes an 8-page booklet with liner notes by Gérard Dastugue, discussing the film and the score.


1. A Tale of Two Cities (2:00)
2. To the Last of Their Race (2:49)
3. Blueberries, Lilies and Poppies (1:06)
4. Revolt (1:17)
5. Poverty Wears Clogs (1:58)
6. The North Tower (1:16)
7. The King’s Chocolate (2:20)
8. Dr. Alexandre Manette* (2:11)
9. The Carriage of Death (1:23)
10. Avenging Jacques (2:32)
11. Eternal Love (2:29)
12. The Tomb Robbers (1:35)
13. The Hanging (1:40)
14. Sum Vita (3:47)
15. Morning Smile (1:32)
16. Rats (2:46)
17. Sad Day (1:06)
18. A Summer Storm (2:12)
19. Song of Liberty (1:05)
20. The Walls of the Bastille (1:18)
21. The Rights of Man (1:34)
22. Soft Dreams (1:04)
23. March of Fate (1:17)
24. A Story of the French Revolution* (1:33)
25. The Supposed Evremonde* (0:54)
26. Those Are My Dead (1:36)
27. Resurrection (2:23)
28. Pross vs. Defarge* (1:48)
29. Sydney Carton’s Choice (2:24)
30. The Game Made* (0:54)
31. Season of Light (2:01)

* previously unreleased

Total CD Time • 57:08

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