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Music Composed by Pierre Bachelet

Music Box Records - Limited Collector's Edition of 350 units • Sold Out

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First time on CD. 56 minutes of music, including 20 minutes of music never released before.
8-page CD booklet with French and English liner notes by Nicolas Magenham.

Through the beginning of the 1970s, Pierre Bachelet acquired a certain acclaim in the advertising world, through his work as a sound illustrator. Here he met directors such as Just Jaeckin (Emmanuelle, The Last Romantic Lover) and Jean-Jacques Annaud (Wolf Totem, Enemy at the Gates). In collaboration with Emi Music Publishing and Tele Music, Music Box Records is pleased to present on CD the collaboration between Pierre Bachelet and Jean-Jacques Annaud, with original soundtracks from the director’s first two films: La Victoire en chantant (Black and White in Color) (1976) and Coup de tête (Hothead) (1979).

La Victoire en chantant won the Oscar for ''Best Foreign Language Film'' in 1977. The film takes place in Equatorial Africa, in 1915, in a region in which French and German military posts co-exist. The film paints a portrait of colonists scornful of the local people, but also pathetic in their desire to play out the First World War in miniature. Through its simplicity and utopian naivety, the main theme Bachelet composed bears an ironic stance towards its own rhythm, a military march which is ridiculously over-emphasized, personifying all of the gravitas displayed by the colonists. This present edition recreates the original LP program which was only available on the American label Buddah Records in 1977 and also includes an unreleased version of the end title as a bonus track.

The satirical comedy, Coup de tête, describes the struggle of “one man against all”. It tells the story of François Perrin (Patrick Dewaere), who, after having trivially injured Trincamp football club's star player, is unfairly dropped from the team and sent back to the factory where he works. After this, subject to false testimony provided by some of the town’s most important figures, Perrin is fingered as prime suspect for a rape that he did not commit. But Perrin's revenge will be sweet... This newly remastered edition features for the first time all the score written for the film and includes an unreleased version of the main title as a bonus track. The score is based on this unforgettable tune whistled by Pierre Bachelet himself, and its many well-crafted variations. Bachelet’s whistled pieces are not exactly bellicose, but on the contrary, rather aimless, navigating with detachment upon a melody that is simple and sweet.

The limited edition of 350 units comes with an 8-page booklet with French and English commentary by Nicolas Magenham.


1. La victoire en chantant (2:50)
2. La lettre (2:10)
3. La bataille (2:48)
4. En franchissant le Rhin (3:04)
5. La chanson des souliers (3:05)
6. La victoire en chantant (2:49)
performed by Pierre Bachelet
7. Recrutement sur le marché (2:35)
8. Thème de Fresnoy (2:49)
9. La revue de Fresnoy (2:45)
10. Les tambours de la Côte d'Ivoire (2:09)
11. Final (2:10)
12. Générique de fin (inédit) (2:35)

13. Générique début (2:14)
14. En voyage (1:35)
15. L'inspecteur, le Président et sa femme (1:29)
16. Sortie de prison (1:24)
17. Invitations à dîner (1:44)
18. Allez Trincamp ! (2:20)
19. Station-service (2:05)
20. Hymne de Trincamp (0:50)
performed by Pierre Bachelet
21. La victoire en fanfare (1:24)
22. La revanche (2:31)
23. Générique de fin (3:51)
24. Générique début (version alternative) (2:12)

Total Time • 56:32

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