La Nouvelle Guerre des Boutons
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Music Composed, Orchestrated and Conducted by Philippe ROMBI

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57 minutes of unreleased music performed by The Bel’Arte Symphony Orchestra and conducted by the composer. 
8-page CD booklet including Christophe Barratier's statement (French and English translation).

La Nouvelle Guerre des Boutons (2011), adapted from Louis Pergaud's 1912 novel and a remake of Yves Robert's 1962 film, is directed by Christophe Barratier (The Chorus and Faubourg 36) starring Laetitia Casta, Guillaume Canet, Gérard Jugnot, Kad Merad and young actors Jean Texier, Thomas Goldberg and Ilona Bachelier.

March 1944. While the planet is shaken by World War Two, in a quiet corner of the French countryside, a war between kids is going on... The children from the neighboring villages of Longeverne and Velrans have been waging this merciless war as long as anyone can remember. But this time, their war will take an unexpected turn: the buttons of all the little prisoners' clothes are removed so that they head home almost naked, vanquished and humiliated. This conflict henceforth has a name: the "War of the Buttons." The village that collects the most buttons will be declared the winner. Meanwhile, Violette, a young Jewish girl, has caught the eye of Lebrac, the chief of the Longeverne kids.

Philippe Rombi composed a superb lyrical, epic and intimate score. Recorded at Studio Guillaume Tell with The Bel’Arte Symphony Orchestra under the baton of the composer himself and the Children's Chorus of Les P'tits Chanteurs de Bruy'Oll.

Music Box Records is proud to present the complete score on CD. Philippe Rombi supervised the album featuring 21 tracks with a total length of 57 minutes.


1. Générique début (02:17)
2. Arrivée au village (02:11)
3. À travers champs (00:40)
4. En territoire ennemi (01:53)
5. L'attaque du ponton (02:13)
6. Paul et Simone (01:23)
7. Les Longeverne contre-attaquent / Le premier bouton (04:25)
8. La sortie au musée (01:07)
9. L'arrestation (02:50)
10. Les Gibus prisonniers (03:01)
11. La capture de Lebrac (01:36)
12. Bataille des guerriers grecs (02:07)
13. À la mode de Paris (02:46)
14. Pythagore et la Résistance (01:35)
15. Le journal de Violette (04:21)
16. Lebrac et Violette (02:20)
17. Le duel (04:03)
18. La lettre et le feu (03:41)
19. La solitude de Lebrac / La milice aux trousses (03:27)
20. Final (04:23)

21. Ouverture (04:26)

Total Time • 57:44