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Music composed by James Horner

Intrada - Limited edition 


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Colorful expanded action score from James Horner! Wildly successful fantasy adventure franchise from the mind of author-illustrator Chris Van Allsburg has its beginnings with this 1995 hit! Robin Williams headlines the cast, Kirsten Dunst, Bonnie Hunt, Jonathan Hyde, Bebe Neuwirth also feature. Joe Johnston directs, Tristar Pictures presents, James Horner scores. It begins with a game, players make their moves, the pieces snap into place… and incredible adventures result. Giant mosquitos, wild monkeys, animals on the rampage, man-eating plants all become real! Buried within is moving tale of boy lost inside from years past, now freed in the present. Home, father and son relationships, love all play emotional roles amidst wild excitement. Matching note for note is florid, exciting symphonic score from James Horner. Mysterious ideas suddenly become frantic, action-filled romps, gentle moments become thundering musical outbursts. Highlights are abundant: “Monkey Mayhem” brings wild orchestral frenzy to the fore while “Mosquito In Car” brings in giant insect on the musical attack. Amidst all the dangers is warm, moving theme for boyhood and home, given heart courtesy woodwinds and strings. When fantastic story reaches climax, Horner unleashes epic-length 11-minute “Jumanji” to do orchestral battle with the elements of nature-gone-wild. Horner’s masterful blend of emotional warmth with rousing excitement is memorable! Generous 51-minute 1995 album of highlights is now expanded from original digital scoring session masters, includes previously unreleased gems such as “Store Mayhem”, the aforementioned “Mosquito In Car”, Plant Almost Eats Peter”, several other cues. Horner’s original album which features exclusive edits and takes also features on CD 2 of this two-disc set. Informative liner notes by John Takis, graphic package design by Kay Marshall. Steve Bramson orchestrates, James Horner composes, conducts the Hollywood Studio Orchestra. Intrada Special Collection 2-CD release available while quantities and interest remain!


01. Prologue And Main Title (3:40)

02. Alan Finds The Game (1:54)

03. Oven Sounds/First Move (2:26)

04. The New House (1:23)

05. Bats In The Attic/The Exterminator (1:36)

06. Monkey Mayhem (5:23)

07. A New World (2:40)

08. Alan Parrish (4:21)

09. Mosquito In Car (1:24)

10. Alan Explains The Dangers (0:49)

11. “It’s Sarah’s Move” (2:34)

12. Plant Almost Eats Peter (2:05)

13. The Hunter (1:54)

14. Stampede! (2:10)

15. A Pelican Steals The Game (1:38)

16. Hunter Sniffs The Game (0:25)

17. Hunter Shoots At Alan/Monkeys Start Looting (1:03)

18. Rampage Through Town Pt. I & Pt. II (2:55)

19. Store Mayhem (1:58)

20. Car Crash (2:23)

21. Peter’s Tail/Van Pelt’s Hand (1:29)

22. The Monsoon (5:12)

23. “Jumanji” [Film Edit] (11:42)

24. Peter, Judy And Parents (0:52)

25. End Titles (5:58)

Total CD 1 Time: 70:36


01. Monkey Mayhem (Without Klaxon Horns) (5:24)

02. “It’s Sarah’s Move” (Alternate) (2:34)

03. Jumanji Drums (0:35)

Total Extras Time: 8:38


04. Prologue And Main Title (3:42)

05. First Move (2:20)

06. Monkey Mayhem (4:42)

07. A New World (2:40)

08. “It’s Sarah’s Move” (2:36)

09. The Hunter (1:56)

10. Rampage Through Town (2:28)

11. Alan Parrish (4:18)

12. Stampede! (2:12)

13. A Pelican Steals The Game (1:40)

14. The Monsoon (4:48)

15. “Jumanji” (11:47)

16. End Titles (5:55)

Total Soundtrack Album Time: 51:17

Total CD 2 Time: 59:54

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