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Music composed by James Horner

Intrada - Limited edition

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Remastered reissue of iconic 1980’s action score! Hit film brought super-stardom to Eddie Murphy as convict released from prison for 48 hours to assist detective Nick Nolte in pursuit of violent criminals James Remar, Sonny Landham. Frank McRae, Annette O’Toole also feature. Walter Hill directs, Roger Spottiswood scripts with Hill & Larry Gross and Steven E.  De Souza, Paramount Pictures presents tough action picture with comic touches in 1982. James Horner introduces dynamic action vernacular that became one of his signatures: Solid rhythmic foundation, pulsating tempo, unison low tuba and trombone writing in octaves without harmony offering powerful weight to the action. Also adding to the musical proceedings are four punchy original songs by The BusBoys, including signature end title, “(The Boys Are) Back In Town”. Music remained unreleased, with audience demand being high, until Intrada premiered it in 2011. New 2022 release is presented from all-new hi-res transfers of original Dan Wallin stereo mixes, offering superior audio. New master elements also allow for premiere of Horner’s never-before-heard and unused, leaner take on the familiar “Main Title” which removes descending electronics, emphasizes clarity in rhythmic activity. Also premiering are a handful of additional score alternates plus session keyboardist Ralph Grierson’s “Saratoga Blues” source cue. Finally, one editorial “pick-up” made by Horner and recorded at the scoring sessions was accidentally duplicated with “The Walden Hotel” cue on the 2011 release - this music is now correctly presented. Slightly revised packaging by Kay Marshall adds impact. Orchestrations by Greig McRitchie, James Horner composes, conducts. Intrada Special Collection CD available while quantities and interest remain! 

01. Main Title (5:13)

02. Jack Leaves Elaine’s Apartment (1:09)

03. The Walden Hotel (3:29)

04. Aerobics (4:11)

05. Snippets/Heavy Traffic (3:10)

06. Subway Station (2:54)

07. Subway Chase (1:51)

08. Luther’s Bus (1:57)

09. The Alley (5:27)

10. (The Boys Are) Back In Town (The BusBoys) (2:35)

11. 48 HRS. (The BusBoys) (3:13)

12. Love Songs Are For Crazies (The BusBoys) (3:44)

13. New Shoes (The BusBoys) (3:32)

14. Main Title (Alternate) (5:12)

15. Subway Station (Alternate) (2:55)

16. Luther’s Bus (Alternate) (1:57)

17. Torchy’s Boogie (Ira Newborn) (2:54)

18. Saratoga Blues (Ralph Grierson) (2:30)

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