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Musique composée par Christopher Young

Intrada - Édition limitée

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Intrada premieres Christopher Young complex electronic and powerhouse orchestral score to sci-fi thriller! Two Academy Award-winning actors go toe-to-toe! Flawed cop Denzel Washington seeks redemption, pursues evil Russell Crowe, artificially-created serial killer born out of such monsters as Hitler, Jeffrey Dahmer, Charles Manson, others. Techno-fireworks ensue within then-new virtual reality setting, culminating in spectacular chase inside, through, across skyscrapers. Kidnap victim also becomes focus of climactic, treacherous rescue sequence with life of very young Kelly Cuoco hanging in the balance. Also starring are Academy Award-winner Louise Fletcher plus William Forsythe as police chief, Kelly Lynch as criminal-behavior expert. Paramount Pictures presents, Brett Leonard directs, Christopher Young scores. In perceptive fashion, Young creates 50 minutes of complex techno-electronic music for first two thirds of flashy film. Then, in audacious display of scoring chops, Young literally attacks with full orchestral music written in his most ferocious fortissimo vernacular. While symphonists may be tempted to begin with “Death TV - Part 2”, this Intrada album is best heard from the beginning, where sudden aural effect of switching from synthesized material to more than 20 minutes of massive orchestral action music is nothing short of riveting! Highlights abound throughout orchestral segment but spotlight must go to initial 5/8 meter launch of afore-mentioned cue that sets wild chase into motion. From this point on, excitement and tension refuses to let up until final “Happy Ending” cue, where Young finally offers brief respite to aggressive action with beautiful, even sweeping theme to resolve everything. While all-song album by various artists saw release in 1995, this Intrada CD is first commercial presentation of Young’s contribution. Entire release is presented courtesy Paramount Pictures in dynamic stereo from original DA-88 and 48-track digital session master elements, recorded and mixed by sizable scoring crew led by Robert Fernandez at Paramount Scoring Stage M in July 1995. Informative notes by John Takis, colorful flipper-style booklet designed by Kay Marshall allows listeners to choose their favorite cover. Generous 76-minute CD offers some of Christopher Young’s most thrilling and spectacular music of a rich and varied career filled with horror, sci-fi, and action masterpieces! Christopher Young composes, Young also orchestrates with Pete Anthony, Marco Beltrami, Pete Anthony conducts. Intrada Special Collection CD available while quantities and interest remain!

01. Searching For Sid (3:22)
02. Game Over (4:17)
03. Just A Glitch (1:37)
04. He Cheated (0:58)
05. Welcome Back, Cop (2:00)
06. A Real Rush (2:23)
07. The Evaluation (1:49)
08. Incubate Sheila (1:36)
09. Nano-Cells (2:45)
10. Sid’s Birth (1:31)
11. Parker’s Implant (1:13)
12. Leaving Prison (0:33)
13. Death To The Pigs (1:55)
14. Matthew Grimes (0:32)
15. Police Radio (0:33)
16. Symphony Of Collision (5:11)
17. Sid On Video (1:10)
18. Ka-Pow (5:12)
19. Flashback (4:51)
20. Parker Escaped (3:03)
21. The Cemetery (1:54)
22. Death TV – Part 1 (2:24)
23. Death TV – Part 2 (2:31)
24. Glass Smash (0:52)
25. Madison Confronts Daryl (2:11)
26. Parker Chases Sid (4:05)
27. V.R. Rooftop Fight (6:00)
28. Parker Saves The Girl (6:05)
29. Happy Ending (2:05)

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