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Musique de Riz Ortolani

Quartet Records - Édition limitée à 300 exemplaires

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Quartet Records and Gruppo Sugar present the premiere CD release of this much-requested score by Riz Ortolani (Fantasma d’amore, Valentina, Mondo Cane, Woman Times Seven) in a complete presentation.
Italian writer/director Bruno Vailati helmed an expedition in 1968 to film the wreckage of the Andrea Doria, a legendary Italian ship that sank near Nantucket (the number in the title refers to how deep the ship had sunk). The film is a rare treat to behold, one of the first diver documentaries using expensive, state-of-the-art equipment to capture as much action in the murky waters as possible.
Ortolani uses sparse percussion, distorted electronic guitar and electronic textures to create a dread-inducing atmosphere filled with sharks and dark caves. Once the ship is found, however, the music changes character. Ortolani uses surf guitars, leisurely lounge music and a more relaxed mood as the expedition takes its time to document the wreckage amidst the terrifying sea life.
Our expanded CD of this rare Italian album—very expensive in the secondary market—features the complete score for the first time in stereo (except for three cues recorded in mono). Mastered by Claudio Fuiano from first-generation master tapes courtesy of Gruppo Sugar, the package comes with an 8-page booklet in which Gergely Hubai discusses both film and score. This CD is a limited edition of 300 units.
The Original Album
01. L’oceano la guardava (1:26)
02. Incontri sul ponte (2:09)
03. Nel profondo degli abissi (3:21)*
04. Non portarmi cosi’ lontano (2:37)
05. Caccia al pescecane (4:01)*
06. Le mie sere piu’ belle (3:15)
07. Ci vediamo al bar (1:50)
08. Un’onda nel ricordo (2:37)
09. In fondo al tuo mare (4:00)*
10. L’oceano la guardava (2) (1:26)

Film Versions and Bonus Tracks
11. Ci vendiamo al bar (2) (1:34)
12. Nel profondo degli abissi (2) (3:07)
13. Non portarmi cosi’ lontano (2) (2:38)
14. Nel profondo degli abissi (3) (3:11)
15. L’oceano la guardava (3) (1:01)
16. Ci vediamo al bar (3) (0:38)
17. Nel profondo degli abissi (4) (2:48)
18. L’oceano la guardava (4) (0:50)
19. Andrea Doria -74 (shake) (0:58)
20. Nel profondo degli abissi (5) (6:36)
21. Le mie sere piu’ belle (2) (3:09)
22. Nel profondo degli abissi (6) (1:08)
23. Non portarmi cosi lontano (3) (2:37)
24. L’oceano la guardava (5) (0:59)

All tracks stereo, except *mono