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Musique de Basil Poledouris

Intrada - Édition limitée

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Complete original soundtrack from John Milius WWIII scenario starring Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen, Jennifer Grey. Basil Poledouris anchors with stirring Americana main theme, adds rich melodic sensibility for gorgeous Colorado landscapes, then surrounds with powerhouse action music for numerous battles. Intrada takes initial 1985 debut release that started label, remixes everything from multi-track session masters for dynamic, crystal clear audio. Definitive release adds half hour of additional music including dramatic execution scene, exciting Wolverine retaliation sequence, tender final music for Toni's death plus world premiere of entire alternate finale, many other gems. Stunning blend of Coplandesque Americana, classic eighties action played by massive, pumped-up orchestra with crisp layer of electronics! Basil Poledouris conducts.

01. Main Title (2:43)
02. The Invasion (5:19)
03. Sky Shots; October (0:31)
04. Dead Tanks (1:59)
05. The Drive-In (6:19)
06. Wrong Fire (0:47)
07. The Funeral
(National Anthem of the Soviet Union) (3:45)
08. Let It Turn (1:10)
09. Fire! (2:07)
10. Wolverines (3:11)
11. Early Birds (0:30)
12. Love Scene (3:04)
13. Attack of the Wolverines (2:26)
14. Winter (0:17)

15. The Eulogy (2:52)
16. Daryl Shot; Windmill (5:36)
17. Attack of the Helicopters (3:52)
18. Toni's Death; Toni's Last Grenade (4:39)
19. Jed and Matt; Bella Letter (2:03)
20. Death and Freedom; End Credits [Take 3] (6:36)

Total Score Time = 60:49

Bonus Tracks
21. Russian Army Cadence (Solo Percussion) (0:52)
22. Early Birds [Alternate] (0:50)
23. Death and Freedom [Rejected Version]; End Credits [Take 4] (6:39)

Bonus Track Time = 9:32