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Musique de Goblin


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This is the soundtrack composed by the Goblin for the Italian version of the movie AMO NON AMO (aka Together?) directed in 1979 by Armenia Balducci and starring Jacqueline Bisset, Maximilian Schell, Terence Stamp and Monica Guerritore.
For Goblin, masters on creating “horror rock” scores also filled with fascinating pro- gressive sounds to accompany macabre events, Amo non amo represents a true chal- lenge: to score a plot based mainly on human relationships and so the requested music had to be lighter and less spine-chilling. No murders, no splatter blood scenes were involved, so Goblin had to write music for the souls protagonists in the story. The al- bum features four tracks which were included in the original Lp and six film versions. All the material in stereo has been carefully restored for a great listening experience. Back on the market so that younger generation of soundtrack collectors can discover and appreciate another masterpiece by the evergreen Goblin.

1 AMO NON AMO 3:42
2 MANIERA 5:07
3 BOTH-TWO 4:35
4 FUNKY TOP 3:48

Bonus tracks
5 BOTH-TWO 3:28
6 AMO NON AMO 4:00
7 AMO NON AMO 1:28
8 AMO NON AMO 3:12
9 AMO NON AMO 2:45
10 AMO NON AMO 3:50

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