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Musique de Goblin


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In year 1980, director Luigi Cozzi, famous around the world for his classic Sci-Fi mov- ie STARCRASH starring beauty Caroline Munro and scored by John Barry, directed CONTAMINATION, a Sci-Fi horror motion picture, a mix of Ridley Scott’s ALIEN and Happem Pictures’ legendary QUATERMASS movies. To heighten the tension in the gory scenes and to capture the mood of pure panic given in the most splatter scenes, the director wanted the band of Goblin to score his movie. The soundtrack is distinctively rock, alternating suspence themes to Latin percussions atmosphere. The original 1980 LP (MDF 33-142) contained 11 tracks, first time issued on CD in Japan on SLC Label (SLCS-7148) with same material of the LP, and first expanded Italian CD re-issue (MDF 340) in year 2000 adding about 16 minutes of extra music. Now totally remastered, this classic soundtrack comes back on the market including a total previ- ously unreleased track discovered in the original stereo master tapes, perfect theme that evocates all the mood of far wild alien planet. Have you a nice listening experi- ence, ma please be careful that there are no strange eggs in your room...

2. WITHY 3:19
3. BIKINI ISLAND 3:49 4. FLOOD 2:31
5. PILLAGE 2:13
6. THE CARVER 3:07 7. RUSH 4:12
8. FRIGHT 2:42
9. TIME IS ON 2:04
10. OGRE 1:51
11. QUIET DROPS 2:15

Bonus tracks
12. WITHY (alternate version) 2:23
13. CONTAMINATION (suite I) 2:57
14. THE CARVER (alternate version) 1:38 15. FRIGHT (alternate version) 3:23
16. CONTAMINATION (suite II) 6:18
17. CONTAMINATION (alien world) 1:45

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