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Musique de Goblin


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LA VIA DELLA DROGA (THE HEROIN BUSTERS) is a 1977 crime film directed by Enzo G. Castellari and featuring Fabio Testi, David Hemmings Sherry Buchanan, Joshua Sinclair Wolfgang Soldiers, Massimo Vanni, Romano Puppo, Margherita Horowitz.
Mike Hamilton, the chief of the International Narcotic Bureau in Rome, decides to infiltrate a man of his team, Fabio, in the city racket convinced that the international drug traffic has its hub in the Italian capital. Althought the direction bears the name of great Castellari and the performance of two stars such as Fabio Testi and David Hemmings, no one single note taken from the OST was issued at the time. In 1998 the OST was issued on CD (Cinevox MDF 319) for the first time ever. It was derived from the original master tapes in mono and included 13 tracks selected and a total duration of about 28:45.
This new CD edition containing 26 tracks and TT 32:15 uses every note recorded at that time. Chronology follows that of the recorded takes (“M”). For example, MAIN TITLES were exactly reconstructed as in the beginning of the film.
Only a few "M" were actually used and repeated in different scenes in the final version of the movie and a good part of it was not used by the production. The legendary Goblin have created fascinating atmospheres ranging from progressive rock to experimental passages sometimes enriched with ethnic colors, reflecting the different situations of the plot.

1.La via della droga (M1 titoli parte 1)
2.La via della droga (M2 titoli parte 2)
3.La via della droga (M3 titoli parte 3)
4.La via della droga (M5)
5.La via della droga (M6)
6.La via della droga (M7)
7.La via della droga (M9)
8.La via della droga (M10)
9.La via della droga (M11)
10.La via della droga (M12)
11.La via della droga (M14)
12.La via della droga (M16)
13.La via della droga (M17)
14.La via della droga (M18)
15.La via della droga (M19)
16.La via della droga (M20)
17.La via della droga (M21)
18.La via della droga (M24)
19.La via della droga (M26)
20. La via della droga (M26 seconda parte)
21. La via della droga (M27)
22. La via della droga (M28)
23. La via della droga (M29)
24. La via della droga (M30)
25. La via della droga (M30 seconda versione)
26.La via della droga (M3 versione lunga)

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