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Musique de Bruce Broughton

La-La Land - Édition limitée à 3000 exemplaires

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La-La Land Records and Paramount Pictures present the remastered re-issue of renowned composer Bruce Broughton’s (SILVERADO, TOMBSTONE, BABY’S DAY OUT) original motion picture score to the beloved 1987 horror-fantasy-adventure THE MONSTER SQUAD, starring Andre Gower, Robby Kiger, Stephen Macht and Ashley Bank, and directed by Fred Dekker. Composer Broughton’s powerhouse orchestral score emboldens the titular pre-teens and teens as they heroically square off, (with a little help from Frankenstein’s Monster), against none other than Dracula, The Wolfman and more! Scary, wondrous, thrilling and heartwarming, Broughton’s rich score bursts with fun and derring-do excitement! Produced by Dan Goldwasser and Mike Matessino, and meticulously edited and remastered by Matessino from newly discovered ¼ inch master tapes, this special release showcases the film version of the score, along with additional tracks - including alternate cues, source music, and the premiere release of the film’s songs “Rock Until You Drop” and “Monster Squad Rap.” Liner notes from writer Daniel Schweiger and monstrously fun art design by Dan Goldwasser round out this must-have for all film music fans! It’s a CD release with ‘nards!
1. Main Title / The Van Helsing Prologue 7:28
2. Scary German Guy / Bat in the Hold 1:58
3. Let It Begin 0:44
4. Lock Me Up! / Wolfman Wakes Up 1:35
5. Monster Music (Source) 0:55
6. Class Reunion 3:30
7. Mr. Alucard 1:06
8. Mummy’s Gone / Making Plans / Phoebe Meets Frank 3:00
9. Van Helsing’s Diary / Monsters 2:07
10. Walking Dead Guy 1:20
11. Scary Mask 1:52
12. The Old Wolfman Ruse / Not Clark Kent / Twinkie Creature 2:25
13. At the Mansion / On All Sides 3:14
14. Recovering the Amulet 2:18
15. Goodbye Band Aid Breath 1:46
16. At Sean’s House 2:42
17. The Vampire Killed / Kill a Wolfman 5:02
18. Creature Carnage 1:33
19. Phoebe and the Count / The Final Vortex 6:32
20. End Credits 4:17
Alternates and Source Music
21. The Van Helsing Prologue – Part II (Alternate Take) 2:28
22. Class Reunion (Alternate Take) 3:28
23. Mr. Alucard (Alternate Take) 1:07
24. Making Plans (Alternate Excerpt) 1:24
25. Phoebe Meets Frank (Alternates) 0:47
26. Walking Dead Guy (Alternate) 1:17
27. At Sean’s House (Alternate) 2:41
28. Phil’s (Source No. 1) 1:20
29. Phil’s (Source No. 2) 1:16
30. Phil’s (Source No. 3) 1:10
31. “Rock Until You Drop” 3:13
Performed by Michael Sembello
32. “Monster Squad Rap” 3:07
Performed by The Monster Squad
Total Album Time: 78:41

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