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Musique de Bruce Broughton

Intrada - Édition limitée


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Complete soundtrack from Lawrence Kasdan western with Kevin Kline, Kevin Costner. Bruce Broughton bucks then-current trend of scoring westerns with guitar twangs, whip snaps, whistlers by writing for large orchestra with added brass, percussion. Broughton creates now-legendary theme in rousing manner, balances with second melody in flowing guise. Adding further artillery, Broughton fashions the most ferocious action music ever to ride in a saddle! From opening ambush to final showdown, Broughton takes the challenge with pistols blazing! Intrada is proud to present the entire score from the actual 24-track session masters, newly re-mixed in 2005 by original engineer Armin Steiner at 20th Century Fox where the actual recording sessions originally took place 20 years ago. 40 minutes of previously unreleased music include exciting sequences where Kline recovers his horse and hat, powerful music when Glenn is roped plus both showpiece action cues climaxing the movie - heard here for the first time in their entirety. Bonus tracks offer Broughton-composed source pieces plus alternate of Costner's faceoff with Jeff Fahey round out the second disc. Artwork by Bob Peak plus notes by Broughton provide finishing touches! Bruce Broughton conducts.

CD One (48:03)
01. Main Title (4:46)
02. Paden's Horse (1:33)
03. Tyree & Turley (3:39)
04. That Ain't Right (1:13)
05. Paden's Hat (3:37)
06. The Getaway/Riding As One (6:07)
07. Den of Thieves (1:46)
08. The Strongbox Rescue (1:53)
09. On to Silverado (6:23)
10. McKendrick's Men (1:24)
11. Ezra's Death (1:52)
12. An Understanding Boss (1:47)
13. Party Crashers (1:37)
14. Tyree and Paden (0:52)
15. McKendrick's Brand (0:50)
16. You're Empty, Mister/
Emmet's Rescue (3:43)
17. Behind the Church (1:15)
18. Augie is Taken (2:36)

CD Two (38:01)
01. Worried About the Dog (2:07)
02. Prelude to a Battle (4:50)
03. McKendrick Waits/The Stampede/
Finishing at McKendrick's (8:24)
04. Hide and Watch/Jake Gets Tyree/
Then Slick, Then McKendrick (9:30)
05. Goodbye, Cobb (2:05)
06. We'll Be Back (End Credits) (4:22)
Total Score Time = 79:44

Bonus Tracks
07. The Bradley Place (1:48)
08. Jake Gets Tyree (Original Version) (2:15)
09. The Silverado Waltz (2:03)
Bonus Track Time = 6:15