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Musique de Stelvio Cipriani

Quartet Records - Édition limitée à 500 exemplaires

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Quartet Records in collaboration with Gruppo Sugar presents the premiere release of an exotic Stelvio Cipriani score.

Directed by Sergio Garrone, L’ultimo harem (also known as The Last Harem) stars former James Bond George Lazenby as Prince Almalarik, a royalty building an extensive harem of European beauties.When his latest acquisition named Sara (played by formed Bond girl Corinne Clery) convinces him to abandon poligamy, the other wives conspire to get rid of the unwanted competition...

Composer Stelvio Cipriani creates an eclectic score that matches the slightly schizophrenic nature of the movie. The opening "Titoli" establishes the Arabian setting while the past lives of the former wives are brought up with self-contained episodes that range from Celtic-flavored pop instrumental ("Marcetta scozzese") through contemporary funk ("Harem Funky") to a crazy saxophone solo ("Disco Sax") and laid back bossa nova recordings ("Bossa" and "Bossa 2"). The album also includes various versions of "Tema d’Amore" which was turned into a duet between Almalarik and his love.

This CD marks a premiere release for the score, carefully mastered by Claudio Fuiano from the original stereo master tapes. The 8-page booklet features liner notes by Gergely Hubai discussing the film and the score.

01. L’ultimo harem (Titoli) (2:18)
02. L’ultimo harem (Sensualità) (2:26)
03. L’ultimo harem (Allegria nell’harem) (3:53)
04. L’ultimo harem (Tema d’amore Vocal) 2:19)
05. L’ultimo harem (Nostalgia) (2:03)
06. L’ultimo harem (Reggae) (1:52)
07. L’ultimo harem (Tensione) (3:25)
08. L’ultimo harem (Attimi sentimentali) (1:42)
09. L’ultimo harem (Amore sotto i veli) (3:27)
10. L’ultimo harem (Marcetta scozzese) (1:16)
11. L’ultimo harem (Tema d’amore Vocal 2) (2:04)
12. L’ultimo harem (Sogno erotico) (3:28)
13. L’ultimo harem (Harem funky) (2:01)
14. L’ultimo harem (Attesa ansiosa) (2:23)
15. L’ultimo harem (Bossa) (1:07)
16. L’ultimo harem (Nell’harem) (3:34)
17. L’ultimo harem (Tema d’amore Vocal 3) (2:19)
18. L’ultimo harem (Bossa 2) (0:50)
19. L’ultimo harem (Tema d’amore) (1:58)
20. L’ultimo harem (Inseguimento) (2:43)
21. L’ultimo harem (Nostalgia 2) (1:50)
22. L’ultimo harem (Mistero nell’harem) (1:28)
23. L’ultimo harem (Disco sax) (1:17)
24. L’ultimo harem (Nostalgia 3) (1:47)
25. L’ultimo harem (Amore malinconico) (2:38)
26. L’ultimo harem (Nell’harem 2) (3:34)
27. L’ultimo harem (Notte d’amore) (5:20)
28. L’ultimo harem (Le ragazze dell’harem) (1:54)
29. L’ultimo harem (Un caldo abbraccio) (2:10)
30. L’ultimo harem (Finale) (3:20)
Total Disc Time: 73:43