Musique de Stelvio Cipriani

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Quartet Records and Gruppo Sugar gives premiere release of a haunting Stelvio Cipriani score!

Co-written and directed by Giuseppe Rolando, Uccidere in silenzio (1972) is a romantic melodrama inspired by the success of tearjerkers such as Love Story (1970). In this film, a young couple shares the idyllic life of students studying in Torino: they take long walks, enter motorcycle races and spend quality time on the farm owned by an elderly relative. The pastoral life changes when the girl gets pregnant and the boy doesn’t feel up to the task of raising the child... Made during the years of strict anti-abortion policies in Italy, the film raised interesting points for the debate even if it didn’t date too well and lost some of its novelty value over the years.

The score by Stelvio Cipriani delivers the usual quality in the style of the composer own epic romance score, Anonimo veneziano. Some of the cues feature the angelic vocalization of Nora Orlandi, while a couple of funkier cues are played during the students’ carefree period (including the motorbike race). Cues featuring playful percussion and chimes highlight the secret protagonist, the unborn child. As usual, the piano parts are performed by the composer himself.

Two key themes for the score have been previous released on an 45 RPM, but this CD marks the first ever release of the complete original recording. As a special bonus, we’ve also included a different recording of “Antla” which Cipriani had done for a compilation LP in the year the film was issued. Mastered by Claudio Fuiano, the 8-page booklet features liner notes by Gergely Hubai discussing the film and the score.

01. Uccidere in Silenzio (Seq. 1) (3:33)
02. Uccidere in Silenzio (Seq. 2) (2:23)
03. Uccidere in Silenzio (Seq. 3) (1:29)
04. Uccidere in Silenzio (Seq. 4) (1:29)
05. Uccidere in Silenzio (Seq. 5) (1:04)
06. Uccidere in Silenzio (Seq. 6) (1:28)
07. Uccidere in Silenzio (Seq. 7) (1:03)
08. Uccidere in Silenzio (Seq. 8) (3:51)
09. Uccidere in Silenzio (Seq. 9) (3:08)
10. Uccidere in Silenzio (Seq. 10) (2:45)
11. Uccidere in Silenzio (Seq. 11) (1:46)
12. Uccidere in Silenzio (Seq. 12) (2:08)
13. Uccidere in Silenzio (Seq. 13) (1:39)
14. Uccidere in Silenzio (Seq. 14) (3:08)
15. Uccidere in Silenzio (Seq. 15) (3:03)
16. Uccidere in Silenzio (Seq. 16) (1:55)
17. Uccidere in Silenzio (Seq. 17) (3:37)
18. Uccidere in Silenzio (Seq. 18) (2:03)
19. Uccidere in Silenzio (Seq. 19) (3:16)
20. Antla (Single Version Side A) (4:27)
21. Il Giardino Degli Angeli (Single Version Side B) (2:40)
22. Antla (LP Version) (5:18)
Total Disc Time: 58:09