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Musique de Joe Hisaishi

Cinema-Kan - Import Japon


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Just love. In this complicated and muddy age, this is the most sad love story of this winter, gently holding up a transparent pure love.

This is the latest work by director Eiji Uchida, who continues to shake the souls of people around the world with "Midnight Swan". Ao is played by Ryosuke Yamada, who shows a completely different face in each of his new works and has made his mark on the screen. This is his first starring role in a love story film. As Mika, Minami Hamabe captivates with her unparalleled transparency. Guided by the sounds of piano and gamelan ball, a young man who has given up his voice and a music student who has lost her light intersect in this quietest love story in the world.

Director Uchida's long-cherished wish was fulfilled when Joe Hisaishi composed the original music for this film.

01 オープニング

02 ふれる

03 静かな二人

04 救いの音

05 神の手

06 戸惑い

07 やさしい風の中

08 歪み

09 雨の中の激情

10 怒り

11 事件

12 よごれた手

13 アクリル越しの二人

14 傷だらけの手


16 サイレントラブ

17 ふれる(再会)

18 Silent

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