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Musique de Fabio Frizzi

Beat Records

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Sometimes some releases are born through a quick waltz step, some other, such as this one, even if waited since eons and requested by fans more than once, they get a laborious and long gestation. In Blastfighter’s case the long waiting is also due to the label and the artist need to dedicate the correct amount of energy to the relevant release, in order to obtain the best possible result.

A score which is dear to Fabio Frizzi, with funky sounds infested with cool bursting electronics, typical of the artist musical canon of the early 80s, it has been played many times by the Maestro, worldwide, during his concerts with his band. Audiences always delighted by a vibrant suite dedicated to Lamberto Bava movie.

Numerous inputs by fans finally pushed the artist to take a ride into his private archive, to find the original recording session and to work on it and now, at last, we have this explosive score on CD audio, in a transparent jewel case featuring liner notes by Fabio Frizzi, mastering by Enrico Scopa (Octopus Studio, Roma) and graphic layout edited by Daniele De Gemini featuring the wonderful painting by Renato Casaro on the cover.

1 Blastfighter - Seq. 1 4:21

2 Blastfighter - Seq. 2 1:46

3 Blastfighter - Seq. 3 3:42

4 Evening Star (cover) 3:48

5 Blastfighter - Seq. 4 4:10

6 Blastfighter - Seq. 5 3:47

7 Blastfighter - Seq. 6 2:59

8 Blastfighter - Seq. 7 4:10

9 Blastfighter - Seq. 8 2:13

10 Blastfighter - Seq. 9 0:42

11 Blastfighter - Seq. 10 0:42

12 Evening Star (Cover, Instr.) 3:42

13 Blastfighter - Seq. 11 4:39

14 Blastfighter - Seq. 12 2:26

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