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Musique de Fabio Frizzi

Beat Records

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Paiement sécurisé

After almost 40 years since its theatrical debut, in collaboration with Ribot, we are

proud to present the original motion picture soundtrack of the penultimate movie

of the “Delitti” series interpreted by the Cuban star Tomas Milian, score signed by

Maestro Frizzi.

Thanks to the finding, in one of the Maestro studio, of some master tapes of the original

recording sessions, it was possible to realize 3 releases that will make all fans of this

music excited: a CD, a 12” 180 grams black vinyl and a stylish 7” colored vinyl.

Three different productions on which is recorded the wonderful soundtrack by the

Maestro, aside some bonus tracks let’s not talk about cult music you can listen to in the

scene in which Milian investigates in the gym. In that part of the movie we can experience

a wonderful dance cue while he is interrogating Licinia Lentini and the following

explosive “You and I”, featuring the powerful voice of Tommie Babie which we have in

4 different versions!

1 Jolly sax (Titoli) 2:26

2 Delitto in Formula 1 (Venticello fa da palo) 1:27

3 Delitto in Formula 1 (a casa col figlio) 1:12

4 Delitto in Formula 1 (partita di biliardo) 2:34

5 Delitto in Formula 1 (furto della Mercedes) 0:47

6 Delitto in Formula 1 (cadavere nel portabagagli) 1:03

7 Delitto in Formula 1 (a casa dell’ingegnere) 1:53

8 Delitto in Formula 1 (aerobic dance) 3:42

9 Delitto in Formula 1 (al biliardo) 1:26

10 Delitto in Formula 1 (Giraldi e Gargiulo) 2:15

11 Capita 5:58

12 Delitto in Formula 1 (inseguimento) 0:52

13 Delitto in Formula 1 (agguato) 0:44

14 Delitto in Formula 1 (partenza di Angelina e Rocky) 1:35

15 Delitto in Formula 1 (missione compiuta Gargiulo!) 3:18

16 Delitto in Formula 1 (colloquio in prigione) 2:18

17 Delitto in Formula 1 (arrivo al circuito) 0:55

18 Delitto in Formula 1 (inseguimento finale) 4:23

19 You and I (Titoli di coda) 2:37

Bonus tracks:

20 Delitto in Formula 1 (furto della Mercedes - alt.) 2:06

21 Delitto in Formula 1 (partita di biliardo - alt.) 2:16

22 Jolly sax (Titoli – alt. slow version) 1:47

23 You and I (Radio version) 4:19