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Musique de John Powell

Intrada - Édition limitée 


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Exciting Solo: A Star Wars Story soundtrack gets world 2-CD premiere! Lucasfilm produces, Walt Disney Studios distributes, Ron Howard directs, Jonathan Kasdan & Lawrence Kasdan script, Alden Ehrenreich leads with solid support from Woody Harrelson, Emilia Clarke, Donald Glover, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Thandie Newton, Paul Bettany. Second Star Wars anthology film offers origin story of Han Solo and Chewbacca in adventures set ten years before events of Star Wars: A New Hope. While a single CD of highlights was released by Disney, we are bringing out the 2-CD premiere of the full length program that Disney and John Powell prepared for digital downloads. Our set includes the masterful John Williams composition “The Adventures Of Han”, the rousing new theme that serves as a springboard for the exciting score John Powell fashioned for the film. And of course you’ll enjoy much more of Powell’s fantastic score than what is on the single CD. To launch disc 1, John Williams establishes main theme with incredibly virtuoso motto vivace for orchestra with theme bursting forth in minor key with flashes of major. John Powell takes over with “Meet Han”, introduces thematic Williams material in his own setting that continues in exciting style. With “Corellian Chase”, Powell gives Williams theme a workout then melds idea with resounding allegro action material of his own. “Mimban Battle” touches on the Imperial March theme but opens up into Powell’s original material in exciting fashion. “The Beast” is just one of numerous additional highlights, with Powell bringing his own florid musical chops to the fore. “Chewie Untamed” another dazzling movement with Powell combining both his own and Williams themes into rousing sequence. Spotlight goes to lengthy “Deluxe Train Heist”, with Powell offering dynamic virtuoso action music for orchestra and chorus. Plenty of other highlights abound. We are tickled to be entering the same space that Han Solo occupies… so to speak. Han Solo Theme and original Star Wars music by John Williams, score composed and adapted by John Powell. John Powell, Batu Sener produce the album, John Ashton Thomas supervises orchestrations, Shawn Murphy records and mixes, Patricia Sullivan masters. Colorful booklet designed by Kay Marshall, notes by John Takis feature new interview with John Powell for Intrada. Intrada INT series deluxe edition 2-CD set is a must for all Star Wars music fans!

CD 1

01. The Adventures of Han* (3:49)

02. Meet Han** (2:21)

03. Bunk / Proxima** (3:09)

04. Corellia Chase** (3:34)

05. Spaceport** (4:09)

06. Gonna Be A Pilot* (0:30)

07. Empire Recruitment*** (0:32)

08. Mimban Battle** (2:04)

09. Blackmail** (1:32)

10. The Beast** (2:36)

11. Chewie Untamed** (3:33)

12. Surveying Conveyex (1:01)

13. Deluxe Train Heist** (10:21)

14. Walk To Dryden’s** (2:14)

15. Chicken In The Pot

(Featuring Baraka May and Reid Bruton) (2:09)

16. Han & Qi’Ra Reunite (1:12)

17. Stormtrooper JP-054 Karaoke

(Featuring John Powell) (2:09)

18. Dryden’s Patience Is Tested** (5:30)

19. Card Room** (1:09)

20. Sabacc Game** (2:35)

21. L3 & Millennium Falcon** (3:17)

22. Family Stories** (2:00)

23. Lando’s Closet (2:11)

Total CD Time: 57:35

CD 2

01. Trust No One** (1:17)

02. Oksana Floren, Yadda Yadda Yadda** (4:28)

03. Extra Deluxe Mine Mission** (10:23)

04. Kessel Run In Less Than 12 Parsecs** (11:00)

05. Savareen Tent (2:00)

06. Enfys’ Stand-Off** (4:25)

07. Qi’Ra Knows A Bit More Than Han** (2:14)

08. Double-Double Cross (4:47)

09. Dryden’s Long, Long Fight** (4:51)

10. Maul’s Call/Parting Ways** (5:39)

11. Lando’s Jungle Room (1:03)

12. Sabacc Rematch/To Tatooine** (1:53)

13. Super Extra Deluxe End Credits Suite** (9:57)

Total CD Time: 66:08

All Music by JOHN POWELL, except:



***Music by JOHN WILLIAMS; Arranged by JOHN POWELL 

Total Score Time: 2:03:41

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