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Musique de Ennio Morricone 

Beat Records

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Beat Records is proud to reissue the classic OST by Ennio Morricone for the drama movie “La donna invisibile” aka (“The invisible woman”) directed in 1969 by Paolo Spinola and starringGiovanna Ralli, Silvano Tranquilli, Carla Gravina, Anita Sanders, Gizi Rizzi, Franca Sciutto, Gino Cassani, Raùl Martinez,Elena Persiani.

Ennio Morricone has composed an excellent lounge-type orchestral soundtrack for “La donna invisibile”. “La donna invisibile” main theme which is introduced in the opening credits with prominent oboe, a romantic atmosphere with an epic and melancholy flavor, more airy and cheerful in the second part with Latin American rhythms, then sad again in the coda and lyrical. “Ritratto d'autore” ( is the best-known song among the fans as it is present on numerous compilations: a romantic motif with a bossa nova tempo and extremely elegant. The main theme returns in "Silenziosamente" a falsely tranquil motif precisely to represent the life of the protagonist and in "Eros profondo" where the orchestra creates a dimension of love and pain.

For the scene where Laura (Giovanna Ralli) and a friend of hers (played by Carla Gravina) play almost dancing, Ennio Morricone composed "In un sogno il sogno" a magical theme for orchestra and the sensual voice by Edda Dell'Orso. “Mille ricordi” a very evocative piece that develops for strings only between crescendo and decrescendo with pauses in between. “Alla serenita’” is another very popular song taken from this OST as it was released on various compilations: the main theme is reprized in bossa nova for orchestra and the sensual voice of Edda Dell'Orso.

Ennio Morricone has composed three danceable shakes that accompany the protagonist's social life often at parties full of people, food and drink, but which do not fill her life as an invisible woman in the eyes of her husband. For this CD lasting 51:08 the stereo master tapes of the original 1969 session were used. Another masterpiece by Ennio Morricone which is back on the market to the delight of those who did not own this compact disc and which adds to the musician's already gigantic discography.

Mastering and liner notes by Claudio Fuiano, graphic layout by Daniele De Gemini

1. La Donna invisibile 6:41

2. Ritratto d'autore 5:01

3. Silenziosamente 3:13

4. La moda 3:27

5. Eros profondo 4:05

6. In un sogno il sogno 3:15

7. La moda (#2) 2:23

8. Mille ricordi 3:02

9. Alla serenità 5:20

10. Un bacio 5:52

11. La moda (#3) 2:48

12. Ritratto d`autore (orchestral take) 0:27

13. Incontro trasversale 5:05

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