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Musique composée par Georges Delerue

Silva Screen - digipack

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The Escape Artist, released in 1982, starred Griffin O’Neal and Raul Julia with a tale of a young boy determined to follow in the footsteps of his father,  "the greatest escape artist except for Houdini”.

Revered for his melodic skill and an innate emotional compass, French composer Georges Delerue could bring to bear music that was sweetly sentimental and drenched with pathos. He was a composer who could create magic, and that’s why he was director Caleb Deschanel’s one and only choice for The Escape Artist. 

An already prolific screen career back home had seen him work with some of cinema’s greatest auteurs – everyone from François Truffaut and Bernardo Bertolucci to Alain Resnais and Jean-Luc Godard. Then there were the English-language films for directors like Jack Clayton, Fred Zinnemann, John Huston, Mike Nichols and John Frankenheimer. He had won an Oscar at the 52nd Academy Awards in 1980 for his music for A Little Romance and he took the plunge by moving to Los Angeles soon after.

This long unavailable soundtrack features extensive liner notes from film and music journalist Michael Beek.

1. Main Titles     

2. Getting Ready for The Big Time

3. Danny's Arrival  

4. Burke & Sybil's Act  

5. Harry Masters

6. Leaving The Apartment  

7. The Bridal Shop  

8. Picking Up Sandra  

9. The Water Tank

10. Drowning  

11. Ted's Rancho  

12. Fritz Threatens Danny

13. Danny's Escape

14. The Secret Revealed / Levitation

15. Opening The Safe  

16. Stu Chases Danny  

17. The Mailbox / End Credits

Bonus tracks: 

18. Harry Masters (Alternate)  

19. Source Music I  

20. Source Music II  

21. Stage Band  

22. Ted's Rancho (Source Music)  

23. High School Band  

24. Music Box  

25. Practicing The Piano (Delerue Solo)  

26. Main Theme - Original Piano Demo

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