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Musique composée par John Debney

Intrada - Édition limitée

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CD release of John Debney score for sweet football sports comedy! Tom Brady produces, Kyle Marvin directs, Sarah Haskins & Emily Halpern script, Paramount Pictures presents modest hit film starring Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno, Sally Field - and Tom Brady. Four best friends, fans of the New England Patriots and star quarterback Tom Brady, celebrate the team’s Pittsburgh Steelers victory in the AFC Championships and look toward the upcoming Super Bowl watch party. Instead, plans to actually attend the game lead to a radio station contest for free tickets and soon the foursome are on their way! Plenty of antics lay ahead, partying, missing tickets, rounds of poker - and tinges of drama involving cancer and chemo treatments - lead to inevitable meeting of legendary football star. Intrada releases CD format of John Debney orchestral score which offers extremely wide range of colors, from forward-moving travel music to jazz party sequences, from gentle thematic ideas to rousing NFL fanfares. Debney covers plenty of ground but keeps the lives and souls of these 80-year-old women and their passion for each other and football at the heart and center of his music. Debney is well-known for his scores to Hocus Pocus, Clifford The Big Red Dog, Dora And The Lost City Of Gold and television’s Orville, as well numerous symphonic scores for all manner of other features. David Schipps orchestrates and conducts, John Debney composes, produces. Intrada INT series CD release!

01. Boston Opening (0:56)

02. Betty Calls Contest (1:15)

03. 16 Years Ago (2:35)

04. Lou Talks With Brady Bobblehead (1:46)

05. New Medications (1:08)

06. Talking To Myself (1:33)

07. Flirting In Houston (0:51)

08. Cardboard Brady (0:17)

09. Accuracy And Touch (0:20)

10. Ladies Enter Party (1:56)

11. Maura Finds Mask (2:12)

12. Jazz Band/Sar Calls Lou (1:52)

13. Closet Make Out/Maura Wins (1:56)

14. Nobody Cares (0:59)

15. NFL Theme Cutoff (0:44)

16. NFL Theme Cutoff 2 (0:22)

17. Trish Talks With Pat And Ned (2:07)

18. Mark Calls Betty (0:50)

19. Betty Finds Guy In Porta Potty (0:42)

20. Amazing Comeback (1:15)

21. Strength To Fight (1:48)

22. Gugu – Come With Me (0:16)

23. Lou’s Speech To Tom (2:14)

24. Final Drive (1:39)

25. Worth Every Penny (1:13)

26. Patriots Locker Room (1:12)

27. Tom Thanks Lou (2:01)

28. Tom’s Theme (4:30)

Total CD Time: 40:31

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