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Musique composée par John Debney

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John Debney scores live action, big-screen adaptation of famed colossal canine character! Jack Whitehall, Tony Hale, John Cleese, David Alan Grier, Darby Camp, Sienna Guillory, Russell Wong feature in cast, Walt Becker directs, Paramount Pictures presents. John Debney scores for large orchestra, lends rousing musical support for Big Apple setting, small red puppy antics that find Clifford one morning becoming “The Big Red Dog”. Bullies, young Emily, ship travel, biotechnology, escape and rescue… and love all factor into warm family tale. Debney opens his album with broad major-key theme, then moves into more sinister dramatic idiom. Gentle highlight is his Bridwell theme, playing in harmonious Lydian mode. Standout feature throughout score is expert use of woodwinds, particularly clarinet, bassoon. Action comes to the fore with exciting “Clifford Saves Mr. Jarvis”, fanfare and rhythms of “We’re Not Taking The Truck”. Lively, dramatic “Emily Rides Clifford/Casey On TV” is another highlight, launching with dynamic rhythm and inching towards climactic statement of main theme in brass with soaring high register French horn and trumpet. Closing “Clifford Belongs To Emily” winds album down with return to main theme in upper strings, solo clarinet with nice countermelody in horns. Debney fashions a grand musical montage of warm melody, lively rhythms and splashes of dramatic action! Colorful package design by Kay Marshall. Shawn Murphy engineers with his customary crisp brilliance, John Debney composes, conducts.

01. Clifford The Big Red Dog Main Title (2:05)

02. Clifford Travels The World (0:53)

03. Meeting The Neighbors (0:38)

04. Bridwell (0:45)

05. Bridwell Tent (2:39)

06. Emily Meets Clifford (1:41)

07. Can Drop/Emily Goes Home (1:09)

08. Clifford In Her Backpack/Naming (2:40)

09. Sad Emily/Bridwell Outside (1:27)

10. Emily Wakes Up To Giant Clifford (0:43)

11. Clifford Wants To Play (0:54)

12. Phone Call 1 (0:58)

13. The Super (2:04)

14. Walking Clifford To Casey’s Truck (1:09)

15. Owen Meets Clifford (1:00)

16. Lyfe Grow Laboratory (0:52)

17. Vet Visit (2:03)

18. Lyfe Grow Discovers Clifford On Social Media (0:59)

19. Casey And Owen Sneak At School (0:48)

20. Clifford Saves Mr. Jarvis (1:34)

21. Standing Up To School Bully (Ketchup) (1:27)

22. Lyfe Grow Shows Up (1:53)

23. Casey And Emily Talk On Stoop (0:48)

24. Phone Call 2 (2:07)

25. Flying Cockroaches/Burgers (0:36)

26. Emily And Casey Talk On Couch (2:03)

27. Bridwell Is Dead (1:19)

28. Saying Goodbye To Clifford On The Docks (3:07)

29. Casey And Emily Talk At Truck (1:13)

30. We’re Not Taking The Truck (0:55)

31. Sleeping Clifford On Table/Wakes Up (1:02)

32. Bridwell Not Dead/Lyfe Grow Has Clifford (2:23)

33. Breaking Into Lyfe Grow Pt. 2 (1:40)

34. Emily Rides Clifford/Casey On TV (2:19)

35. Cement Mixer/Arriving In Park (2:41)

36. Emily’s Speech (2:02)

37 Lyfe Grow Owner Says Bravo (1:09)

38. Dog Belongs To Emily (2:15)

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