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Musique de Craig Safan

Dragon's Domain - Édition limitée à 500 exemplaires 

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Dragon’s Domain Records presents the world premiere release of the soundtrack for OVER HER DEAD BODY, featuring music composed by Craig Safan (THE LAST STARFIGHTER, REMO WILLIAMS: THE ADVENTURE BEGINS, THE LEGEND OF BILLIE JEAN), written and directed by Maurice Phillips, A.J. Tipping and James Whaley, starring Elizabeth Perkins, Judge Reinhold, Jeffrey Jones, Maureen Mueller, Rhea Perlman, Henry Jones, Michael J. Pollard and Brion James.

Released in 1990, OVER HER DEAD BODY, also known as ENID IS SLEEPING, revolves around two sisters named Enid (Mueller) and June (Perkins). Enid is shackled to Harry (Reinhold) in an unloving marriage and returns home one day to find her husband in bed with her June. In a fit of violent rage, Enid whips out Harry’s pistol preparing to fire when June smashes a vase over her head, apparently killing her stone dead. In a state of guilt-stricken panic, the pair conspire to make it look like Enid’s death was an unfortunate accident. Like WEEKEND AT BERNIES, hijinks ensue when Harry’s partner Floyd (Jones) unwittingly becomes involved. 

The wonderfully off-kilter and eclectic music for OVER HER DEAD BODY was composed by Craig Safan, known for composing quirky and unique scores, often with unpredictable combinations of instruments that defy expectations and barricade conventions. The score was recorded at The Village Recorder in Los Angeles with Joel Moss engineering the sessions. 

Emmy-nominated and eight-time ASCAP award-winning composer Craig Safan has scored more than one hundred feature films, television and documentaries, has had more than 50 soundtrack albums of his music produced, as well as having three original albums of his own impressionistic music released. He’s been commissioned to compose for ballet as well as for live performance of silent films and was given the Poledouris Film Music Legend Award at the 2014 International Film Music Festival in Cordoba, Spain. 

Dragon’s Domain Records presents the premiere release of OVER HER DEAD BODY on compact disc, featuring Craig Safan’s music mastered by James Nelson of Digital Outland. The booklet contains liner notes written by author and composer Brian Satterwhite and includes comments from the composer.

1. Main Title/Enid Cooks June/Enid is Dead (3:01)

2. Look Like An Accident/June Prays (4:31)

3. To The Car/June Looks at Photos (2:14)

4. June and Enid in Car/Out of Gas/June’s Locked Out/Harry To The Rescue (3:38)

5. Road Block/Snakes/George Rides Car (3:30)

6. June On The Cliff/Off a Cliff (4:26)

7. To the Desert / June Buries Enid/June Gets a Tow (3:29)

8. Shoot Out/Drive to Enid Buried/Putting Enid in Trunk (5:04)

9. George at Hotel/June Sleeps/June to River (5:28)

10. Reporting Murder/Fleeing The Car/Harry Takes Car/Wild Mexican Source (4:51)

11. June Feels Sorry/The Trunk/Hostage (3:33)

12. Fire Trucks/Harry’s Surprise (3:02)

13. End Title (4:02)


Total Time: 51:20

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