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Musique composée par James Horner

Intrada - Édition limitée 


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Reissue of James Horner 2-CD sci-fi classic! Star Trek III: The Search For Spock soundtrack now joins the Intrada family of Star Trek feature soundtracks that include Trek’s IV, V and VI, scored by Leonard Rosenman, Jerry Goldsmith and Cliff Eidelman respectively. This 2022 Intrada presentation of the 1984 Search For Spock soundtrack is identical to the previous 2-CD release from the FSM label so owners of that edition need not apply here. Newcomers will discover James Horner launches into the search with an expansion of material he introduced in his 1982 Wrath Of Khan score, then ramps up the action. In dramatic fashion, Horner opens with haunting material and moving ideas for opening flashbacks prior to the title reveal. In dynamic contrast, Horner creates exciting barbaric action material for following “Klingons” sequence, featuring clanking percussion and Tibetan horn. Amongst many highlights, spotlights go to Horner’s lengthy “Stealing The Enterprise”, a tour-de-force of exciting ideas, fanfares and nautical adventure. The Capitol label released 47-minutes of music on their original 1984 album. This current Intrada 2-disc release, reprising the FSM presentation, adds over 20 minutes of music not on the Capitol version. Amongst the many highlights here are the dramatic “A Fighting Chance To Live” that underscores plans to destroy the Enterprise vessel and “Genesis Destroyed”, heard as the planet disintegrates. In balance is “Spock Endures Pon Farr” with haunting strains of Spock’s motif featuring ocarina over vibraphone. Customary for the composer, takes used for the film are often different from the their album counterparts. As such, the original album presentation is also included in this Intrada release on CD 2. The complete score presentation was mixed and mastered by Mike Matessino from the original 3-track stereo film elements. Detailed booklet notes are by Jeff Bond and Lukas Kendall, with colorful graphic design prepared by Kay Marshall. The score was recorded by Dan Wallin at Paramount in February 1984. Greig McRitchie orchestrates, James Horner composes, conducts. “A dying planet. A fight for life. The search for Spock.”

DISC ONE—Film Score

01. Prologue and Main Title* (6:30)

02. Klingons* (5:57)

03. Spock’s Cabin (1:40)

04. The Klingon’s Plan* (1:01)

05. The Mind-Meld (2:31)

06. Stealing the Enterprise* (8:39)

07. Grissom Destroyed (1:02)

08. Sunset on Genesis (2:17)

09. Spock Endures Pon Farr* (3:04)

10. Bird of Prey Decloaks (3:47)

11. A Fighting Chance to Live (3:52)

12. Genesis Destroyed* (2:42)

13. Returning to Vulcan (4:56)

14. The Katra Ritual (4:30)

15. End Titles* (6:13)

16. That Old Black Magic/Tangerine/I Remember You) (Johnny Mercer–Harold Arlen)/) (Mercer–Victor Schertzinger)/) (Mercer–Schertzinger) (Bar Source) (10:32)

Total Time: 69:45

DISC TWO—1984 Soundtrack Album 1. Prologue and Main Title*† (6:29)

2. Klingons*† (5:56)

3. Stealing the Enterprise*† (8:34)

4. The Mind-Meld (2:31)

5. Bird of Prey Decloaks (3:46)

6. Returning to Vulcan† (4:53)

7. The Katra Ritual (4:30)

8. End Titles* (6:13)

9. The Search for Spock (Theme From Star Trek III)

Produced by James Horner and Group 87 (3:42)

Total Time: 46:57

*Contains “Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)” by Alexander Courage

†Differs from version used in motion picture

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