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Musique de Marco Beltrami & Ceiri Torjussen 

Quartet Records - Édition limitée à 500 exemplaires

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Quartet Records, in collaboration with MoviScore Media, presents the CD premiere of Alessio Della Valle’s AMERICAN NIGHT, scored by Marco Beltrami and Ceiri Torjussen.

In this neo-noir action thriller, a courier carrying Andy Warhol’s famous “Pink Marilyn” arrives in New York City. Art and life collide as master forger John Kaplan tries to juggle the mob and his talent as an art forger with his love for Sarah Flores – and chaos ensues.

The music pays tribute to classic film noir jazz scores with an added modern twist of electronic and rock elements creeping into the score at the appropriate places. The music covers a love triangle between John Kaplan (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) who must choose between the two loves of his life – Warhol’s iconic Marilyn Monroe portrait and Sarah (Paz Vega). The composers reply with beautiful romantic music for both women – one more hip and cool (“Marilyn”), the other more organic and heartfelt (“Sarah and John”). The genre-bending music is recommended to anyone wanting to hear the noir sound of the 21st century.

The full-color package includes liner notes by Gergely Hubai discussing the film and the score based on new interviews with the composers.

1. Marilyn (1:16)

2. John Meets Katie (2:12)

3. Marilyn Is Watching (0:38)

4. Shaky Cab Ride (2:54)

5. Be Like Paint, Be Like Water (1:27)

6. Marilyn in the Gym, John in the Red (2:27)

7. Knife Good, Crayons Bad (2:29)

8. John Goes to the Motel (1:19)

9. Michael’s House (2:22)

10. Sarah and John (1:24)

11. Shaky Strangles (2:08)

12. Marilyn’s Disguise (1:35)

13. Lord Morgan (2:16)

14. Vincent’s Vertigo (1:31)

15. No More Excuses (1:37)

16. Michael Set Up (2:37)

17. Kaboom (2:10)

18. Vince Finds Marilyn (1:20)

19. John’s Art Talk (1:14)

20. John Has Marilyn (1:45)

21. Scorpio King, Scorpio Sting (4:47)

22. Art Dealer in Da House (2:19)

23. Ninja Vin (3:05)

24. Sarah’s Surprise (2:39)

25. Death of the Artist (2:08)

26. Sarah Saved (4:34)

27. Street Performance (2:33)

Bonus Track:

28. India Taxi Song (2:33)

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