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Musique de Pino Donaggio

Quartet Records - Édition limitée à 500 exemplaires

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Quartet Records presents two brand new scores by celebrated composer Pino Donaggio (CARRIE, DRESSED TO KILL, PIRANHA, DOVE NON HO MAI ABITATO) for director Fabrizio Guarducci (MARE DI GRANO, also scored by Donaggio). Both scores, written and recorded in 2021, are paired on a single CD.

ANEMOS is a conceptual film in which, following the call to spirituality, we go through history on a trip from Magna Grecia to the Aeolian Islands, from the desert to the Cathar countries, observing the wind that rushes towards the Mediterranean. We follow it as it moves between the natural and the artificial, from rocky hermitages to overcrowded contemporary cities, to the stratosphere where we meet Gaia, the creature that breathes cosmic air and feeds on the Universe. The winds are her circulatory system and protect us until, quoting the Apocalypse of John, the four angels close the mouth of the winds.

UNA SCONOSCIUTA is a romantic and intimist film about city damaged hard by the epidemic and isolation, when suddenly a beautiful woman appears whom no one knows but who fascinates everybody. Slowly but almost inexorably, the city comes back to life.

Maestro Donaggio has composed two deepled, melancholic and emotional scores that, despite the difference in the periods of both films, complement each other in the essentials: the human fragility.

Both scores have been recorded with the Rome Symphony Orchestra, ANEMOS conducted by Gianluca Podio, and UNA SCONOSCIUTA under the baton of Maestro Natale Massara. The music has been recorded and mixed by Marco Streccioni, who has also mastered the album.


1. The Spark (3:18)

2. La libertà degli uomini (3:55)

3. Sirene (3:28)

4. Atessa dal vento (1:21)

5. Parlami (3:33)

6. L’eremita (1:54)

7. Supplicare il signore (2:14)

8. Conversazione (1:47)

9. La música delle sfere (1:36)

10. L’anima che dobbiamo ascoltare (2:01)

11. Il matemático (1:44)

12. La grotta (1:23)

13. L’acquilone (2:32)

14. L’ombra (1:50)

15. Vento (2:38)

16. The Spark (Ripressa) (3:09)


17. Una sconosciuta (3:23)

18. Senza dialogo (1:50)

19. La persone amiche (2:33)

20. Il parco (2:49)

21. Dolce Aprile (2:21)

22. Insieme (1:59)

23. La gente parla (1:17)

24. Dipinta d’amore (1:52)

25. L’inizio (2:03)

26. Cercare la verità (2:11)

27. Sconosciuta è un sogno (3:11)

28. Colori di Matisse (1:44)

29. Paese liberato (2:36)

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