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Musique de James Horner

La-La Land Records - Édition limitée à 10000 exemplaires 


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La-La Land Records, Paramount Pictures and Atlantic Records proudly present a limited edition, remastered 2- CD release of legendary composer James Horner’s (FIELD OF DREAMS, GLORY, TITANIC) original motion picture score to the classic 1982 sci-fi blockbuster STAR TREK II – THE WRATH OF KHAN, starring William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and DeForest Kelley, and directed by Nicholas Meyer. Considered to be one of James Horner’s finest scores, this deluxe reissue showcases this masterwork sounding better-than-ever and expanded with previously unreleased alternate tracks. Disc One features the score presentation, while Disc Two presents the re-mastered 1982 Original Soundtrack Album and additional music.

Produced by Neil S. Bulk and Mike Matessino, and re-mixed and mastered by Mike Matessino, this special 2-CD release is limited to 10000 units and features art design by Jim Titus. Disc One, and the additional score tracks on Disc Two, have been re-edited and remixed in hi-res from newly discovered 1st generation analog 3-track stereo tapes. The original soundtrack album has been newly remixed from digital-to-analog 3-track stereo tapes made in 1982.

The exclusive, in-depth liner notes by writer and musical director/conductor Deniz Cordell feature new comments from Sara Horner, Nicholas Meyer, producer Robert Sallin, former Paramount Music President Joel Sill, and longtime Horner collaborators Jim Henrikson and J.A.C. Redford.

Disc 1 65:52
Score Presentation
1. Main Title* 3:11
2. Surprise On Ceti Alpha V :48
3. Khan’s Pets 4:23
4. The Eels Of Ceti Alpha V / Kirk In Space Shuttle* 3:57
5. Enterprise Clears Moorings 3:36
6 .Chekov Lies* :43
7. Spock 1:13
8. Kirk Takes Command* / He Tasks Me 2:12
9. Surprise Attack 5:10
10. Kirk’s Explosive Reply 4:05
11. Inside Regula One 1:51
12. Brainwashed 1:27
13. Captain Terrell’s Death 2:01
14. Buried Alive 1:00
15. The Genesis Cave 1:13
16. Battle In The Mutara Nebula (Film Version) 8:11
17. Enterprise Attacks Reliant 1:34
18. Genesis Countdown (Film Version) 6:38
19. Spock And Kirk* 1:56
20. Amazing Grace 1:29
21. Epilogue* / End Title* (Film Version) 8:45

Disc 2 72:33
Original Soundtrack Album
1. Main Title* 3:10
2. Surprise Attack 5:10
3. Spock 1:14
4. Kirk’s Explosive Reply 4:05
5. Khan’s Pets 4:22
6. Enterprise Clears Moorings 3:37
7. Battle In The Mutara Nebula 8:11
8. Genesis Countdown 6:37
9. Epilogue* / End Title* 8:44
Total Original Album Time: 45:09

Additional Music
10. Genesis Project** 3:14
11. The Eels Of Ceti Alpha V (Discrete) 2:41
12. Kirk In Space Shuttle* (Discrete) 1:22
13. Kirk Takes Command* (Proposed Album Take) 1:43
14. Buried Alive (Alternate Take) 1:02
15. Amazing Grace (Alternate) 1:33
16. Epilogue* / End Title* (Alternate) 7:33
17. Wild Orchestra 1:37
18. Amazing Grace (Alternate Bagpipes) 1:30
19. Theme Of Star Trek II* (Edited End Title) 4:51
Total Additional Music Time: 27:24
Total Collection Time: 2:18:25

*Contains Theme From Star Trek (TV Series) by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry
** Composed and Performed by Craig Huxley

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