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SPACE: 1999 (YEARS 1 & 2)



Musique composée par Barry Gray & Derek Wadsworth

Silva Screen 


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Space:1999 was perhaps the ultimate expression of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s screen ambitions: a lavish live-action series produced on a massive scale. Featuring star power in the form of Mission:Impossible actors Martin Landau and Barbara Bain, the visual tone of this new production would echo the cinematic flare of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. For composer Barry Gray, Space:1999 would draw to a close a nearly 20 year association with Gerry Anderson which began in the faraway world of naïve black and white puppetry of 1957’s The Adventures Of Twizzle. In a fitting finale, Barry would be called upon to compose the most grandiose and epic compositions of his career to match Space:1999’s equally sweeping premise. With a greater emphasis placed upon action and adventure for the second series accomplished Yorkshire born composer Derek Wadsworth was tasked with meeting the brief. As both a jazz musician and arranger he had worked for many years as a session musician playing on dozens of hit records. With his appointment to the series, Wadsworth effortlessly conveyed tension and peril as well as navigating many lighter moments which the new series created.

Disc 1: Year 1 - Barry Gray:
1 Breakaway - The Dark Side of the Moon
2 Space: 1999 Main Titles
3 Breakaway - People are Dying up Here
4 Breakaway - Massive Nuclear Explosion
5 Breakaway - Human Decision Required
6 Force of Life - The Entity
7 War Games - We´re at War
8 War Games - A Plague of Fear
9 Death's Other Dominion - Ultima Thule
10 Dragon's Domain - The Ultra Probe
11 Mission of the Darians - The Daria
12 Black Sun - Asteroid
13 Black Sun - Force Shield
14 Black Sun - The Survival Ship
15 Black Sun - Home
16 The Guardian of Piri - Welcome to Piri
17 End of Eternity - Balor´s World
18 Matter of Life and Death - The Prodigal Husband
19 Matter of Life and Death - Too Good to be True
20 Matter of Life and Death - Anti Matter World
21 Matter of Life and Death - Paradise Lost
22 The Infernal Machine - Gwent
23 Another Time Another Place - Up There Again
24 Another Time Another Place - Regina´s World
25 Another Time Another Place - Santa Maria
26 Ring Around the Moon - Captives of Triton
27 The Testament of Arkadia - Arkadia
28 Space: 1999 End Titles

Disc 2: Year 2 - Derek Wadsworth:
1 Space: 1999 Year 2 Main Theme
2 The Metamorph - Strange Light
3 The Metamorph - Rendezvous in Space
4 The Metamorph - The Death of Psychon
5 The Metamorph - We're All Aliens
6 The Exiles - Swarm of Space Bees
7 The Exiles - The First Capsule
8 The Exiles - A Kiss for Helena / The Power Room
9 The Exiles - Return to Golos
10 The Exiles - Make Me a Pretty Nose
11 One Moment of Humanity - The Garden of Vega
12 One Moment of Humanity - Seduction
13 The Taybor - SS Emporium
14 The Taybor - Transaction Complete
15 Space Warp - Light Years Away
16 Space Warp - Space Animal on the Loose
17 Space Warp - Showdown at Copernicus
18 Space: 1999 Year 2 End Titles

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