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Music Composed by Philippe Sarde

Music Box Records - Limited Edition of 750 units • Sold Out

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New remastered and expanded edition.
12-page CD booklet with French and English liner notes by Gérard Dastugue.

In collaboration with Warner Chappell Music France, Music Box Records continues to explore the collaboration between Philippe Sarde and Alain Delon, and presents the complete score composed and recorded for Mort d’un pourri (Death of a Corrupt Man), which Georges Lautner directed in 1977. It was adapted from Raf Vallet’s novel.

Mort d’un pourri is a great film, remarkably adapted by Michel Audiard and supported by the meticulous direction of Georges Lautner who, with this movie, went off the beaten track of comedy to take the chilling incisiveness of Les Seins de glace (1974) a step further – this film had been his first collaboration with Alain Delon.

The music does not go for the expected codes of the thriller genre: there is little action, few effects, few twists and turns. It is almost the opposite of the teeming music written by Claude Bolling for Trois Hommes à abattre or Philippe Sarde’s more lyrical one for Le Choc. In Jean-Patrick Manchette or, here, in Raf Vallet’s works, a man must fight alone against an organization that is trying to stop him. This great score is one of Philippe Sarde’s most beautiful and emblematic works, performed by the famous London Symphony Orchestra and carried by Stan Getz’s saxophone, the musical embodiment of a solitary character and the archetypal instrument of the American film noir. 

Produced and supervised by Philippe Sarde and Édouard Dubois, this edition, presented here in a whole new program, has been fully remastered from all-new hi-res transfers of original stereo mixes and features previously unreleased tracks. The package includes a 12-page booklet featuring exclusive liner notes by writer Gérard Dastugue and new comments by Philippe Sarde. This release is limited to 750 units.

1. Paris, cinq heures du matin (version film) (2:40)
2. Partie de chasse / Souvenirs / Adieu Christiane (4:32)
3. Valérie (1:36)
4. Christiane et Lucien / L'attente (2:55)
5. Getz o mania (3:08)
6. Montparnasse (3:39)
7. Corruption et vertu (2:16)
8. Mort d'un pourri (5:32)
9. Les aveux (1:07)
10. Cafétéria (1:25)
11. Rocquencourt (1:51)
12. Les camions (1:32)
13. Xav (1:40)
14. Adieu Valérie / Xav et Kébir (1:55)
15. Arrestation (1:02)
16. Élysée-Matignon (4:42)
17. Tout est tranquille (1:53)
18. Dans le regard d'Alain Delon (2:55)
19. Adieu Philippe (3:05)

Durée Totale • 50:13

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