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Music Composed and Conducted by Claude Bolling

Music Box Records - Limited Edition • Sold Out

Great Television Soundtracks Collection (Volume 2)

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World Premiere CD Release. Remastered edition.
8-page CD booklet with French and English liner notes by Gilles Loison. 

In collaboration with Sony ATV, Music Box Records proudly presents the second volume of the collection Great Television Soundtracks dedicated to two original television soundtracks composed and conducted by Claude Bolling: L'Étrange Monsieur Duvallier (1979) and Miss (1979).

Adapted from a series of novels written by Claude Klotz, who created the character of Raner at the beginning of the 1970s, L’Étrange Monsieur Duvallier is directed by Victor Vicas, the man behind the very famous French TV series Les Brigades du Tigre (The Tiger Brigades). The adaptors transformed the main character into a kind of Robin Hood, worried about the fate of the planet.

Created by Janine Oriano and directed by Roger Pigaut, Miss is about the widow of a police captain who gets involuntarily involved in detective stories. Danielle Darrieux stars this spirited, stylish and charming woman.

Claude Bolling composed two very varied scores with eclectic moods which feature the pianist-composer’s palette in registers that range from upbeat music to suspenseful musical cues filled with dramatic orchestrations and a wider range of jazz instrumentation.

These two OSTs produced at the same period and with similar atmospheres have been selected and remastered from the composer’s original master tapes. The CD comes with an 8-page booklet with liner notes by Gilles Loison, discussing the series and the scores. 

1. L’arrivée de Duvallier (00:23)
2. Raner (Générique) (02:56)
3. Philip Morgante a disparu (02:40)
4. Tirelire (02:03)
5. Raner et Laurence (02:27)
6. Karaté caramel (02:20)
7. La mort d’Emma Sanders (01:51)
8. Braquage du supermarché (02:20)
9. Mme Morgante et son hélico (01:40)
10. Kranson traqué (02:35)
11. Dinette sur le yacht (02:29)
12. Raner en action (02:03)
13. Flic flash (01:26)
14. Cosmos cross (03:59)
15. Casse cash (01:26)
16. Bing banque (02:50)
17. Évasion de Kranson (03:31)
18. Raner (Générique de fin) (01:11)
Time • 40:55

19. Mes amis peuvent compter sur moi (Générique) (02:43) performed by Danielle Darrieux
20. Valse du souvenir (02:20)
21. Les Japonais à Honfleur (02:05)
22. Thalasso t'es rapide (02:28)
23. Miss arrive (01:49)
24. Miss et la vie en rose (02:13)
25. La vie simple et tranquille (03:21)
26. Thalasso tango (02:11)
27. Miss et la montre de Mozart (02:15)
28. Miss enquête (02:30)
29. Miss débarque (01:46)
30. L’enfant témoin d’un meurtre (01:45)
31. Miss fouille l’atelier de Serval (02:18)
32. Les malheurs de Virginie (02:33)
33. Mes amis peuvent compter sur moi (Instrumental) (02:43)
Time • 35:36

Total Time • 76:33

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